Linturi’s Daughter Claims ‘Hostile Guest’ Kitany Orchestrated Rehab Admission for Marijuana Addiction

January 18, 2019

The daughter of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has made astonishing claims about her father’s estranged wife Maryanne Kitany, accusing her of being cruel and hostile.

In an affidavit, Linturi’s first-born daughter says her father introduced Kitany to her and her siblings around December 2017. Her mother, who was estranged from her father at the time, was not staying with them at the Runda home.

“My father informed us that Kitany was a friend in distress. My father also informed us that he had previously allowed her a temporary stay at our Runda Home,” she says, adding that Kitany and her three children moved into their Runda home a few days later, which unnerved her.

Nonetheless, she took comfort in her father’s assurance that Kitany would move out immediately her situation improved.

According to the Senator’s daughter, Kitany put on the façade of a friendly and supportive guest and would in the initial days take them for dinners and shopping.

“I easily let my guard down after getting beguiled by her façade. My siblings however were more discerning. My brother even moved out to go live with his mother,” she says.

Kitany consults with her lawyer at Runda Police Station on December 19, 2018.

Court documents seen by the Star indicate that things started spiraling out of control in January this year when Kitany found out that her daughter got a navel piercing with help from Mithika Linturi’s daughter.

She believes the incident was blown out of proportion and noted that have had a nasty relationship ever since. Linturi’s daughter further accuses Kitany of wrongly accusing her of marijuana possession and orchestrating her admission to a rehab centre.

“She even accused me of being in possession of marijuana and orchestrated my being put into a rehabilitation center on the pretext that I was addicted to marijuana while her real motive was to create a wedge between my father and I,” read part of the affidavit.

When she got back from the rehabilitation center, Kitany warned her that she needed to ‘behave’ and refrain from sabotaging her relationship with her father.

“Ever since that warning, our relationship has been incompatible, like water and oil,” she says.

She adds that the relationship between her and Kitany is very hostile and different from the rosy picture she has painted in her affidavits.

“Kitany treats me and my siblings in a very cruel and hostile manner even though she is merely a guest at our Runda Home,” she says.

The Senator’s daughter wants the court to dismiss the application filed by Kitany and discharge the interim order issued on October 25, last year.

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