If Donald Trump Spoke Swahili…Watch Funny VIDEO

January 10, 2019

Ever wondered if U.S President Donald Trump could speak Swahili? Me neither.

However, YouTube sensation and comedian Justin Bradford, has gone ahead and given us a glimpse of a Swahili-speaking Trump.

Through his popular YouTube channel, Bradford does his best imitation of POTUS in a three-minute video that has left viewers in stitches.

In the clip, the “Swahili-speaking POTUS” basically rants about his elusive border wall.

Justo Bradford also incorporates clips of Donald Trump’s meeting with President Uhuru last year in the skit released yesterday.

Justin, who now goes by a typically Kenyan name Justo, instantly became an online sensation in the country after he took over the ‘Snap254’ Snapchat account in August last year.

The American-born not only impressed Kenyans with his command of Swahili but with his accurate and hilarious depiction of Kenya’s Matatu culture.

With his newfound fame, Justo has gone on to become a popular vlogger on YouTube where he documents in Swahili. He has also tried his hand at music.

Watch ‘If Donald Trump Spoke Swahili’ below.

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