US Based Kenyan Woman Admits Shooting Dead Ex-Husband

September 28, 2018

A Kenyan woman who was last week arrested for shooting dead her former husband in Texas, US, claims she never intended to kill.

Marie Kendale Kimani, 35, is said to have shot 40-year-old Jonathan Tumbo, also Kenyan, at her house in Rhome, Texas following a confrontation. After the shooing, she reportedly made a distress call to the police who found the deceased inside the master bedroom closet.

In her statement to the police, Kimani said that Tumbo entered the closet and asked her to follow him. That’s when Tumbo placed his hand around her throat and produced a gun.

She told the police that she managed to wrestle the gun from Tumbo and accidentally shot him in the chest.

“Kimani stated the firearm discharged, striking the male on the left side of the chest. (Kimani) told deputies she did not mean to kill him,” said a police statement.

However, detectives said Kimani’s account is not consistent with evidence gathered.

“Subsequent follow-up investigation by investigators and related evidence was not consistent with Kimani’s account of physical altercation,” added the police.

The accused is currently in police custody at the Wise County Jail as she tries to raise bond.

Court records show Kimani filed for divorce from Tumbo in June, and their divorce was finalised in August 24. They had been married since April of 2009.

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