The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday September 27)

September 27, 2018

A look at today’s biggest news stories.

Donald Trump’s worldview was laid bare at the UN — and it should worry anyone who understands history

US President Donald Trump came late to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning. And within moments, he had the gathered world leaders laughing.

Donald Trump bragged about himself to the United Nations. The UN laughed.

President Donald Trump’s touting of how his administration has accomplished more than any — yes, any — past administration in its first two years is one of his most consistent applause lines in his campaign patter.

Macron rebukes Trump’s isolationist message

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a fiery rebuke of US policies under President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly Tuesday, signaling that he is ready to take up the mantle of global leadership usually assumed by a US leader.

The chances of a second Brexit referendum just got higher

Britain’s opposition Labour party was voting Tuesday on a policy that would put a new public vote on the table if Theresa May’s government failed to get an eventual Brexit deal through the UK Parliament.

Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault

Bill Cosby, once known as “America’s Dad,” was sentenced Tuesday to three to 10 years in a state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home 14 years ago.

Beluga whale spotted in River Thames

A beluga whale has been spotted swimming in the River Thames, sparking fears that the creature is in danger.

Carabao Cup: Lampard’s Derby stun mentor Mourinho’s Man United

Carabao Cup holder Manchester United was unceremoniously dumped out of this year’s edition of the EFL’s cup competition by unfancied Derby County as new manager Frank Lampard upset his former boss’ Premier League team to advance to the next round.

Tanzania family planning policy under fire after country suspends birth control ads

Amnesty International has called the Tanzanian government’s decision to suspend familiy planning advertisements an attack on sexual and reproductive rights in the East African country.

Russia upgrades Syria’s defense system in blow to Israel

Russia will modernize Syria’s air defense system after Israel downed a Russian aircraft last week.

US warns Iran of ‘hell to pay’ if crossed

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has warned Iran’s rulers that there will be “hell to pay” if they harm the US, its citizens or allies. His comments came hours after President Donald Trump accused Iran of sowing “chaos, death and destruction” across the Middle East.

Entire Mexican city’s police force probed

The entire police force in the coastal Mexican resort of Acapulco is under investigation amid suspicions of infiltration by drug gangs. Two commanders accused of murder are being sought while the rest of the city’s police have been disarmed. State police and the military will patrol the city instead.

Original working Apple fetches $375,000

An Apple-I computer, the first product made by the computing giant, has sold at auction for $375,000 (£230,000). The machine was designed by Steve Wozniak, known as Woz, the co-founder of Apple. His business partner, Steve Jobs, convinced him to package and sell the machine – it went on sale in 1976 for $666.66.

Mystery of sudden ‘purple’ orange solved

What could cause a freshly sliced orange to suddenly turn purple? Australian health authorities say they have solved a mystery that prompted much speculation earlier this month. It began when a Brisbane woman, Neti Moffitt, asked for an investigation into why an orange – partially eaten by her son – had later changed colour.

French jets get caught in Indian political storm

India’s opposition parties are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over allegations of corruption in a multi-billion dollar fighter jet deal. Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the main opposition Congress party, has alleged that Mr Modi “favoured” an Indian company that is part of the French deal.

I Was Labeled The High School ‘Slut.’ It Affected My Whole Life.

In Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook, he identified himself as a “Renate Alumnius.” It was an allusion, repeated on other boys’ pages, to the supposed sexual conquest of a girl named Renate Schroeder. This kind of macho bragging, whether based on real events or not, can give a young woman what’s politely referred to as “a reputation.”

Twitter Users Taunt Trump After World Leaders Openly Laugh At His UN Speech

World leaders openly laughed at President Donald Trump as he boasted of his accomplishments during his United Nations speech on Tuesday. And Twitter users are joining in with jeers of their own. Many pointed to an old slam Trump directed at President Barack Obama that isn’t aging well: We need a President who isn’t a laughing stock to the entire World.

What To Do If Your Doctor Fat Shames You

As I reported last week in a story for Highline called “Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong,” fat patients say doctors are misinformed, uninformed or downright bullying to larger patients. Some said their physicians refused to diagnose them with anything other than a weight problem.

Actor Will Smith Bungee Jumps From Helicopter Over Grand Canyon

Will Smith was a little jumpy during his 50th birthday celebration Tuesday. The film star decided to celebrate the big 5-0 by bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

Hollywood Has No Plans To Remove Bill Cosby’s Walk Of Fame Star

Bill Cosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will not be removed. In a statement to CBS, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said that it “does not remove stars from the Walk of Fame” because “they are intended to be permanent.”

Facebook is tightening its grip on Instagram

Instagram will soon be without its founders for the first time ever. With CEO Kevin Systrom and CTO Mike Krieger leaving soon, the future of the photo-sharing app will be much more controlled by Facebook executives, which could have big implications for the service.

Here’s President Trump toasting the UN with a wine glass full of Diet Coke

President Trump once tweeted, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” While at the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, however, Trump let the waiter pour him a big ol’ Diet Coke – and into a wine glass at that.

Twitter to prohibit ‘dehumanizing language’ in new rules

Call it the Alex Jones effect. Twitter announced on Tuesday that it will update its rules to prohibit “dehumanizing language” on the platform. While it is still finalizing what this policy will look like through user feedback and internal review processes, this initiative could add a much-needed layer of clarity to Twitter’s sometimes opaque, yet narrow, rule violation policy.

Trump claims he wanted the UN to laugh at his speech, calls it ‘great’

President Donald Trump is playing off Tuesday morning’s embarrassing moment – in which he was laughed at by the United Nations General Assembly – by saying he totally meant it as a joke. On Tuesday afternoon, between events at the UN, Trump briefly chatted with reporters and he dropped this nugget, apparently confusing the concepts of “laughing at” and “laughing with.”

The future of Google search looks a lot like social media

For all its behind-the-scenes innovation, Google Search has looked more or less the same for the last 20 years: You type some words in a search box and get back a list of links. The company’s added lots of bells and whistles over the years, but the core concept has remained the same and the experience has pretty much looked the same.

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