Autism Lights & Karay Blue Joined by Vera Sidika, Khaligraph Among Other Celebrities Toward Fighting Autism Stigma

September 5, 2018

Singer Karay Blue has been championing the fight against stigma associated with Autism for a long time. Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

Karay has carried out endless campaigns towards Autism inclusion and acceptance. This year alone a lot of attention has been diverted toward the fight on stigma associated with Autism which is geared towards increasing understanding of the condition.

The kind of fears society has about Autism prompted Karay Blue to seek the help of Kenyan celebrities to help her champion her noble cause.

Karay’s Autism Lights Inc organization has been working with celebrities to increase awareness about the condition. You must have noticed that lately, a good number of Kenyan celebrities have been stepping out in their Autism Lights branded Hoodies or T shirts.

Various celebs seen championing autism inclusion, including Willis Raburu, Chipukeezy, Naiboi, Betty Kyallo and Mitch Malako.

Karay has worked tirelessly through Autism Lights striving to support and motivate parents in creating such an ideal environment that allows families and children affected by Autism to thrive through her multiple campaigns on the Hashtag #AutismLights #AutismAcceptanceandInclusion, #AutismandmusicKenya.

Autism Lights mission is to ensure that children with Autism will have access to education through public schools in Kenya which includes IEPs and based on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) in an inclusive educational setting instead of the segregation one that currently exists.

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