Where was your Mum When Mine was Making Money? Anerlisa Blasts Fan

August 22, 2018

Apparent Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has served a savage retort on Instagram to a follower who tried to throw some shade at her money.

The savagery started after the Nero Company founder and Rich Kid of Kenyan Insta had posted about how men respect women who have worked hard and earned their money.

“Ladies, once you make a little bit of your money, all these nig*as will have some sort of respect for you. #fact.” Anerlisa posted.

Her opinion evidently rubbed some of her followers the wrong way, with one Instagram poking holes in her claim.

Once your mommy* makes some money for you,” posted the fan.

Not one to tolerate BS from trolls, Anerlisa retorted saying: And where was your mommy* at when mine was making money.”

Other Instagram users joined the debate and contributed mixed opinions about Anerlisa.

One user, identified as Mimi Pep, said: “This caption is so skewed and self-absorbed; an opinion without a thought. I don’t have money, but men respect me to the maximum because of my personality. Period! If people respect you only because of monetary value, you are around wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Another, Perminus Kenyan, said: “Anerlisa Muigai happens to be the only lady who comes from a well-to-do family, but camps on social media to insult hustlers.”

A third user, Nzioki254, sided with Anerlisa saying:  “I agree with you, Anerlisa Muigai. Once you make money, as a woman, respect will come naturally… However, money is not the only reason a man would respect you.”

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