The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday August 22)

August 22, 2018

A look at some of the biggest stories today.

Pope Francis to meet Irish abuse victims

Pope Francis will meet privately with victims of clerical sexual abuse during his visit to Ireland this weekend, the Vatican said Tuesday.

Real Turks feel squeeze after Trump’s tweets, tariffs

At the currency exchange in old Istanbul, seasoned traders say they have not seen such volatility since 2001, when Turkey faced its last major currency crisis.

WhatsApp’s new CEO meets Indian officials after lynchings

The Facebook-owned messaging app “must find solutions to these challenges which are downright criminal and [a] violation of Indian laws,” technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters following a meeting with WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels in New Delhi. Daniels is visiting India for the first time since he became CEO earlier this year.

Venezuela issues new currency, amid hyperinflation and social turmoil

Venezuela is starting to use a new currency Monday to help bolster its collapsing economy

Kylian Mbappe asked to refuse France’s highest accolade

A French mayor has urged the country’s young World Cup winners Kylian Mbappe, Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez not to accept the Legion of Honor, the country’s highest accolade.

Iran unveils ‘first domestically manufactured’ fighter jet

Iran unveiled what it described as the country’s “first domestically manufactured” fighter jet Tuesday, state-run Press TV reported.

Arianna Huffington won’t let Elon Musk off the hook, says he must recharge

The two high-profile entrepreneurs continued their running debate on the merits of catching more Zs on Monday. Huffington’s latest comments add to a nontrivial discussion that started last week when she published an open letter urging Musk to ease up on the 120-hour weeks and quit sleeping at the Tesla factory.

Former Trump lawyer Cohen discussing plea deal with U.S….

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer for U.S. President Donald Trump, is discussing a possible guilty plea with federal prosecutors in connection with tax fraud and banking-related matters, NBC News said on Tuesday, citing multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Kremlin says it does not understand Microsoft’s U.S. hacking…

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Tuesday it did not understand allegations from Microsoft that hackers linked to Russia’s government had tried to target the websites of two right-wing U.S. think-tanks. The software giant said it had thwarted the Russia-linked attempts last week, which it suggested showed Moscow was broadening its attacks in the build-up to November mid-term elections.

Microsoft president: Russians targeting all political sides – MSNBC

There is no evidence that the latest Russian hacking attacks against U.S. Senate offices or American-based think tanks were successful, Microsoft Corp’s Brad Smith said on Tuesday, adding that the hackers are targeting “everyone across the political spectrum.”

Prisoners Stage Nationwide Protest Against ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Prisoners nationwide launched a two-week strike on Tuesday in protest of “modern day slavery,” according to the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Participating prisoners will not report to assigned jobs. Instead, they plan to engage in peaceful sit-ins, stop spending and go on a hunger strike, according to a press release by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, the prisoner advocacy group that initiated the protest.

Chris Evans Thinks He Knows Why ‘Moronic’ Trump Keeps Misspelling ‘Counsel’

“Captain America” star Chris Evans got all riled up over President Donald Trump’s latest glaring typo. After Trump incorrectly tweeted “councel” instead of “counsel” on Monday, Evans issued this blistering reply ― in which he also suggested there’s a reason Trump keeps misspelling the word: It’s ‘counsel’, Biff. The word is ‘counsel’.

Stormy Daniels: Trump Is In Over His Head

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who allegedly received hush money from President Donald Trump after reportedly having an affair in 2006, didn’t vote for him nor does she think he’s capable of doing his job. “I think he’s a man who’s gotten in over his head,” Daniels said on Monday’s broadcast of the British talk show “Loose Women.”

Google sued over tracking locations even when ‘Location History’ is off

Last week, a bombshell AP investigation found that Google was still tracking iPhone and Android device users, even if they turned off the ” Location History” setting. Now, the first lawsuit has been filed against the search engine giant over this issue, according to documents posted by Ars Technica.

Venezuela just ‘linked’ the newly created sovereign bolivar to its terrible cryptocurrency

You know you’re in trouble when your only hope for stability is something as notoriously unstable as cryptocurrency. And yes, Venezuela appears to be very much in trouble. According to Bloomberg, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Friday that he intended to link a new national currency, the sovereign bolivar, to a cryptocurrency of his own government’s making – the Petro.

Apple removes 25,000 illegal gambling apps from its Chinese App Store

Apple is removing a slew of apps from its App Store in China in order to comply with the country’s strict regulations. According to Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television or CCTV, Apple has removed 25,000 gambling apps from its Chinese App Store.

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