Musician Denies Releasing Controversial Kikuyu Song Attacking DP Ruto

August 22, 2018

Popular Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge has come out to distance himself from a controversial song, “Mbari ya Kimendero” (clan of the greedy), that was seen as an attack on DP William Ruto.

According to the hitmaker, his original song was plagiarised and negative clips of Deputy President William Ruto juxtaposed to depict him as corrupt and greedy.

The song was released early this month and has been the subject of discussion among members of parliament who are keen on the 2022 succession politics.

While defending himself from the song, Muiga was Njoroge said: “I am a man of God and I cannot publish a song that will evoke ethnic tension.”

“I am the composer of the original video, ‘Mbari ya Kimendero’, but not the fake version that was plagiarised by my haters to tarnish my name,” said Muigai.

In the original song, Muigai paints an accurate picture of Kenya’s poor governance by likening men in power to “dinosaurs” – saying that in ancient times they were big and mighty but due to their oppression of the weak they were reduced to small and helpless creatures.

Muigai has since recorded his complaint with the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) citing plagiarism of ‘Kimendero’, which means ‘crusher’ or ‘oppressor’.

“I have presented a copy of my original song to the DCI and the matter is under investigation,” he said.

Watch the original hit below.

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