Kenyans on Twitter Savage Guy’s ‘Tiled’ Table and It’s Funny AF

August 8, 2018

By now, we have all come to accept that Kenyans on Twitter take no prisoners when they set out to have a laugh out of someone else’s misfortune.

The rather excitable Kenyan Twitter users were at it once again on Monday and Tuesday as they trolled a popular user, Billy@Crazy_Nairobian, for having a tiled table. Yup, you read that right…a table made of floor tiles. Bourgeois people will call it marbled but we all know a tile when we see one.

It all started when @Crazy_Nairobian inadvertently exposed his now-iconic table as he bragged about his cooking prowess.

Users were quick to point out the table that looked like a floor forcing Billy to tweet more pictures confirming that his table is tiled.

“Wale wanadhani nakulia kwa floor… Smh… Meza ni ya tiles bana,” he tweeted.

Then came the ever-mischievous Kenyans on Twitter with their savage commentary about the table that has left Twitterati in stitches.

We have sampled those reactions below.

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