How the Kenyan Judicial System Frustrates Motorists into Bribing Traffic Cops

August 8, 2018

Corruption amongst traffic police and motorists in Kenya remains rampant despite continued efforts by Anti-corruption authorities to contain the vice.

While most law-abiding citizens would prefer not offer bribes to get away with traffic offenses, the alternative is often a frustrating judicial process that is designed to incentivize bribery. In fact, it has become widely accepted among Kenyan motorists that it is easier to bribe your way out of an offense than go through the right channel.

One man’s account of his attempt to follow the rule of law after a run-in with a traffic cop about a month ago has gone viral on social media.

In a mini-thread, Kenyan on Twitter, @mugzoh, narrated quite the insightful story of his experience with the Kenyan judicial system after he was arrested for an offense he maintains was BS.

Read the mini-thread below.

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