Church Leaders Want 1-year Amnesty for Corrupt Individuals

August 30, 2018

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has called for a more honest and collaborative approach towards fighting corruption in the country.

Speaking during the NCCK General Assembly in Kilifi County on Tuesday, NCCK Secretary General Rev Canon Peter Karanja proposed a one year amnesty for corrupt individuals to return all illegally acquired funds.

Karanja further stated that the perpetrators who fail to return the funds after the amnesty period has lapsed should be jailed for life and the funds recovered from them.

Rev Karanja pointed out that the individuals should be given a chance to repent and turn around their lives, adding that this will help in speeding up justice for Kenyans who have suffered from corruption.

“This will enable us to clean up our past as a Nation,” said Karanja.

The vocal secretary-general said the extensive and corrosive nature of corruption in Kenya may need an alternative approach to achieve lasting solutions.

“We hope that you will find a formula that will enable the nation to turn over a new leaf in the fight against corruption,” he said.

Karanja also commended the March 9 handshake saying the move will lead to finding lasting solutions to challenges that Kenyans continue to face.

Also in attendance at the 63rd General Assembly at Jumuia conference in Kilifi was Deputy President William Ruto who told the church to speak openly and without fear about the challenges facing the country. He noted the days when the church was threatened by politicians and those in power is long gone.

“The days when the likes of Mr Timothy Njoya were beaten senseless for speaking their mind is long gone. In fact, public participation and free airing of views is a constitutional right for every Kenyan. I am saying here that no one will be victimised for speaking their minds on the challenges this country is facing, be it political, socio-economic or development,” said Ruto.

Ruto also vowed that Kenyans will never fight again because of politics.

“Those of us in leadership including my boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee government in general, we will never return this country into the dark days of ethnicity and tribal affiliations,” he said.

He added: “As long as we are in politics now, never again will this country witness the animosity and tribal utterances that had characterised every election.”

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