All You Need to Know About Upcoming Songbird Dianarose “Dida” Damian

August 27, 2018

Dida, real name Dianarose Damian, is an upcoming artiste of Tanzanian origin who has found her home in Kenya. She is married to Kenyan videographer and singer Richie G.

She works under her hubby’s record label and is also a seasoned make-up artiste.

Here’s everything you need to know about the stunning songstress:

Tell us about yourself.

Dida is a musician who also doubles as a businesswoman. I have been singing for a long time now and practising as a beautician as well. I have been a songbird since I was young. I sang and danced in school, in church, anywhere that would have me.

I started my musical journey in 2012 when I met Richie G from ATL but didn’t even know he was a producer. He randomly auditioned me after hearing me sing small snippets. After that, we did a record called “Cheza Nami” and released it. We went ahead with another one called “Dhahabu” and the love from the fans made me decide to make music my career entirely. I signed with ATL Entertainment. It’s been a bit tough but we have been doing well and I thank God.

Let us discuss your new single “Badili.”

In this industry, a lot of women are being conditioned to society’s standards of beauty and changing themselves to fit it. Girls are bleaching, going for surgeries and changing who they are to please others. I made “Badili” so that girls would learn to love and accept themselves the way they are.

How is it working in the studio with your spouse?

We make sure we manage our time wisely and that’s the trick. The time for work is for work and when it’s family time we keep it that way. He’s a good man to me and, when you work with your partner, trust is paramount.

We don’t have limits to the kind of music we make because we’re married to each other.

Who are the influencers in your career and your life?
My family, first of all. My fans and the musicians I look up to give me the motivation to get out there and make good music.

What do you hope your audience will get out of your latest music?
I want to be an inspiration to people out there and I try to project it in my music, as much as I can.

Has it been difficult having your fan base switched from Tanzanian to Kenyan?

The biggest difference is in the marketing. However, the response is more of the same. I have fans both in Kenya and in Tanzania who push me to go further in my career, but my music is actually much better received here, and I get a lot of motivation to work harder here.

You would love to collabo with…

Arrow Bwoy; I think he’s very talented. Internationally, my dream collabo would be with Ciara.

Any upcoming collabos?

(Laughs) That’s a secret for now. Follow me on my social media to find out. We have a lot in store for Kenyans.

You also do make-up on the side. How did you venture into the industry?

Same as music, I’ve always had a love and fascination with make-up.

I actually had an ordinary job at a corporation for a whole year before I decided to quit that and pursue my passion for both music and make-up. Make-up was my first love before I even went into music and it gave me the capital to build the latter.

How do you strike a balance between being a musician and a and make-up artist?

When working two careers you need discipline and organisation. I have worked with many celebrities, weddings and the like, and even though it takes up so much of my time, I always set aside time to do music to make sure I keep my fans happy.

Doing make-up also helps me fund my musical career and, considering I do my own make-up at video shoots, I think it actually helps my music.

Being so popular, how do you deal with overly-passionate fans?

I love and appreciate all my fans no matter what. There was a time we were in Kitale for a video shoot, and a girl actually disrupted the shoot just to say “Hi!” to me. I was shocked, not only at what she did but, that I had fans all the way out there. I said hello and we even took selfies.

What does an aspiring musician and business person need to know?

It’s not easy out there. Be consistent, follow your passion and, mostly, be disciplined. The reason I have been able to make it despite being so busy is because I set aside time for everything, follow my schedules, and do my work as best as I can.

Watch her new release ‘Badili’ below.

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