Woman Who Lied That Uhuru Pledged Sh100 Million Arrested, To Undergo Mental Examination

July 10, 2018

A middle-aged woman who made a sensational claim that President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged a staggering Sh100 Million contribution has been arrested.

The woman, Dorothy Ogolla Khaduyu, last weekend claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged the amount toward construction of a multi-purpose hall at Nangina Girls’ High School in Funyula Constituency.

Addressing attendees during a fundraising event held at the school, Ogolla claimed she had been sent by President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue the Sh100 Million pledge.

Attendees of the event, including area MP Oundo Mudenyo were left stunned by Ogolla’s claim, given that she doesn’t hold any government office.

“When I inquired from the Deputy County Commissioner, he was unaware of the woman’s claim; when I called Education CS, Amb. Amina Mohamed, to establish the suspect’s claim, she [Ms Mohamed] was unaware of her allegations.  I also called Busia County Director of Education to confirm the claims; he denied knowing anything about the president’s contribution,” said the MP.

“We were, consequently, shocked. There is no way a whole Head of State can make such a huge pledge without involving the relevant departments. It was wrong for her to use the president’s name in making a false pledge,” said Mudenyo.

Following her arrest by Busia police, a business card was recovered, in which she identifies herself as ‘Prime Minister and Secretary of State, Kenya”.

Further investigations into Ogolla’s identity have been launched, with MP Mudenyo alleging that she could be from Uganda.

The suspect is also set to undergo a mental examination.

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