Esther Passaris Reunited a Jailed Matatu Driver With His Family But Netizens are Not Happy – PHOTOS

July 11, 2018

Esther Passaris’ continued efforts in promoting the welfare of the common mwananchi suffered a setback recently after Kenyans on social media expressed outrage after the Nairobi Woman Rep facilitated the release of a convict.

Taking to her official Twitter account on Tuesday, Passaris documented the release of a matatu driver, Ben Opilo. The city driver was sentenced for obstruction of traffic and locked up at the Nairobi West Prison.

In a clip shared via Passaris’ Twitter handle, the woman rep is seen outside the prison with the family of the jailed driver as they waited for his release. The video goes on to capture the moment Ben Opilo emerged from the prison and reunited with his family.

According to Passaris, it was absurd that the State threw the father of three in jail for obstruction.

“At Nairobi West Prison for the release of Ben Opilo, father of 3 and matatu driver, whose only offense was obstruction. I find it absurd that the State would readily throw a breadwinner behind bars instead of looking into alternatives with better outcomes for his family,” tweeted Passaris.

The moved elicited mixed reactions, with a majority of Kenyans on Twitter expressing outrage for the release of a convicted offender.

Below are some sampled reactions:

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