I Was Hooked on Heroin and Prostitution at Age 16 – The Story of Alice Mugure

June 4, 2018

This is the story of one Alice Caroline Mugure, a reformed drug addict, and former prostitute who started abusing drugs while still in Primary school.

She opens up about how the death of her father turned her world upside down, making her rebellious and always at loggerheads with her mother.

Mugure turned to using hard drugs such as heroin at age 16. She has been gang-raped, had unprotected sex with an HIV+ client, and even turned to breaking into people’s homes to sustain her drug addiction.

She has, however, transformed and hopes her story can inspire someone.

Read her story below.


“I was born in Banana in Kiambu County. My dad died when I was 9 years old. I was a daddy’s girl and his death really affected me. I was withdrawn and rebellious.

My mother accused me of being a bad girl and this angered me more. She could beat me up for no apparent reason. I felt she didn’t like me.

In Class seven, I joined Church groups to keep my mind off home but all I received was more beatings from my mother. I felt more loved outside our home. This pushed me to join bad company. I would sleep outside just to avoid any arguments with her. By the time I was in class 8, I was already smoking weed and drinking. Not because I wanted to, but because my mum had accused me of doing so.

I found love in the arms of men, who I felt cared more about me. I graduated from weed and I started taking heroin. I was kicked out from school after the teachers learnt I was smoking weed. I had already registered for KCPE, and I was only allowed in the school compound to sit my exams.

I had a lot of time in my hands and I could go to rave with my friends. One day, we got so high with a friend of mine and we decided to get a room in town to spend the night.

Here, we met other girls who were prostitutes. They looked beautiful and happy. I admired them. After they revealed how much they made per night, we decided to join them. That is when my nightmare began. I charged my clients Sh500 per shot. It was good money since I could now afford drugs and booze.

But deep down, I hated it. It always left me feeling dirty inside. Some of the clients were really weird. I remember this client who forced me to use a dildo on him. He kept saying over and over how he got it from some site called lovegasm. It was disgusting but I needed the money.

By now, I had graduated to injecting myself with heroin. I lost so much weight and my clients base was dwindling.

I was no longer attractive. Out of desperation, I lowered my cost to Sh200 per shot. Things were bad and I decided to go back home. Being broke made me angrier and I resorted to breaking into peoples’ houses. I could sell everything I laid my hands on. I needed money.

One day, I met this man in town. He was really handsome and offered to pay me double if I had unprotected sex with him.

I agreed. After sex, he demanded I take PrEP since he was HIV positive, but I refused. I was really stressed and knew I was about to die. Months later, I gathered courage and visited a VCT.

Luckily, I tested negative. I was elated. Life as a prostitute was becoming hard. I remember this day a gang of four men raped me. It left me broken. Devastated. Ugly.

I wanted to change my life and somehow, God did exactly that. One morning, I was strolling in town when a man approached me.

He told me he could tell I was in need of help. I narrated to him my story and he offered to help me. He took me to rehab.

Life in rehab was difficult. The cravings for drugs was bad. The first week I was there I didn’t sleep. But I got used. I met people who were drug addicts and this really encouraged me. They gave me hope. I have recovered and I have been clean. I forgave my mother and we are now friends. I came to understand she had suffered a lot of violence with my dad and had nowhere to vent. If I get a well-wisher, I want to go back to school to study Beauty, which has been my passion.”

Source- NaiNotepad

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