Terryanne Chebet Lands Huge CEO Job at Kenya’s First 24-hour Business TV Channel

May 18, 2018

Former Citizen TV Business News presenter Terryanne Chebet is making a mega comeback following her unfortunate sack from the Royal Media Services station in 2016.

The October 2016 retrenchment, alongside a number of other high profile journalists, did a number on her as confessed in a recent interview.

“When you think you are good at your job, then you face retrenchment, you start losing confidence in yourself, and that is what affects most people. It is the biggest challenge,” said Terryanne in March this year.

She added: “Until today, I walk in places and even the security guards tell me ‘Terryanne, aki pole sana. Usijali, Mungu ako na plan.’ I would get strong, then I get into the car and the tears come, but I had to look strong at that time. It has taken a long while but I have had a very strong support from some group of friends, and my family was right there for me from the beginning. It was difficult and the most emotional period I have ever gone through in my life.”

Well, barely two years after the sack, Terryanne Chebet is the new Chief Executive Officer of ‘Fanaka Television’, the first 24-hour Business Television Channel in Kenya.

Terryanne, who has previously worked in key financial journalism institutions such as CNBC Africa, CCTV Africa, and National Broadcaster KBC, was excited to break the news last evening.

“Business Television is my life. It is with humility and lots of enthusiasm that I am proud to accept my appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of Fanaka Television,” said the founder of Scarlet Digital and Keyara Organics.

“We will cover business and the economy like in a way that has never been done in Kenya.”

To achieve this, Terryanne and her team have embarked on a global benchmarking tour to learn the ropes from the best in business journalism.

This week, Terryanne has been in South Africa where they conducted an extensive benchmarking tour of CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa Magazine in Johannesburg.

“We look forward to collaborating with sister Business Tv’s in Africa and beyond. Welcome to Fanaka Television where we are guided by our motto ‘Strictly Business’,” added Terryanne.

She was accompanied by Miss world Kenya 2015 Charity Mwangi and TV Producer and Host Elayne Okaya, who we understand will play a big role in Terryanne’s team.

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