“Get a Wife and Settle Down,” Ezekiel Mutua Tells Larry Madowo

May 16, 2018

It appears there is still no love lost between Kenya’s moral cop Ezekiel Mutua and journalist Larry Madowo.

This after the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer launched a scathing attack against the BBC Africa business editor on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Ezekiel, who only a day ago got on the wrong side of Kenyans over a sculpture at the JKIA, aimed below the belt telling Larry to get married and settle down.

Madowo had poked fun at Ezekiel for banning the film “Rafiki” when he sent out a tweet with a link to his scathing opinion piece on the Washington Post which he captioned, “Kenya banned Wanuri Kahiu’s film Rafiki. She got a standing ovation at #Cannes2018 Who’s laughing now?”

In his Washington Post article titled “Kenya’s homophobia is not the only dangerous thing about the ban on ‘Rafiki”, Madowo once again called out Ezekiel Mutua and KFCB.

Mutua, who was seemingly angered by Larry’s showboating, lashed out at Larry on Tuesday.

“Larry Madowo is a successful journalist but he is no paragon of virtue. He has no moral authority to lecture anyone about life, family or Godliness. Get a wife Chief and settle down!”

He added: “There is more to life than money and the glory of a byline. Values that are rooted in godliness, family, and cultural heritage are the basis of great nations and great people. The rest is hype and hoopla #IfikieLarryMadowo.”

The attack backfired on him as Kenyans on Twitter ganged up in defense of the former NTV news presenter.

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