Police Launch Manhunt For Two Photographers Involved in Nude Shoot in the City Centre

April 17, 2018

Police are looking for two adult photographers who were part of a group of teenagers arrested last Friday for indecent exposure in the city centre.

The arrested teenagers, who included seven girls and one boy, were reportedly found red-handed engaging in illicit activities including taking nude and semi-nude images. They were arrested at the Michuki Park, near Globe roundabout.

Central police OCPD Robinson Thuku said that they received a tip-off from the public but when they arrived at the scene some of them had escaped.

“We received a tip-off from a concerned citizen who informed us of a group of underage boys and girls and that what they were doing was bringing discomfort to observers in the public. Some of them were actually completely nude,” said Mr Thuku

“We are actually looking for the photographers since they are the ones uploading the photos on the internet, they escaped from us,” Thuku said.

The police boss said the pictures were to be uploaded to a social media account called Party Animal.

According to the teenagers, they were taking the pictures for fun and were contacted through Instagram.

“The youngsters don’t know one another, they are sourced from Instagram and contacted. The problem with this generation is they are cheated with chips and chicken,” Thuku said.

He added: “It appears to be something that is happening and we are urging parents to be more responsible of their children. We are also asking members of the public to be more vigilant and report to us whenever they see such incidents.”

Those arrested were released to their parents with the police urging them to take necessary action.

This comes days after Kenyans online launched a campaign under hashtag #ifikiewazazi to expose young boys and girls posting nasty photos of themselves on social media.

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