Jimmy Gait’s Social Media Accounts Deleted by Hackers

April 18, 2018

Gospel artist Jimmy Gait has become the latest celebrity to have his social media accounts compromised.

According to reports, the artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages were hacked and had their content deleted. The star has nearly 50k followers on Instagram and uses the page to reach out to his fans and inform them on new projects.

Jimmy Gait said that attempts to regain his page have been futile. At the time of this writing, nothing seems to have changed and on top of all posts missing, the account has been made private.

The gospel artist joins a growing list of celebrities who have had their social media channels compromised. Just this month, some unknown hackers took over multiple ‘Vevo-owned’ YouTube accounts and made alterations to song titles and even deleted some. Among those affected was the most popular video on YouTube, Despacito by Luis Fonsi.

Locally, DJ Pierra Makena also recently lost her popular Instagram page to hackers. All attempts to recover it proved futile, forcing her to start over. Her new page is growing steadily.

Vera Sidika has also been a victim of the same.

Though this is not a criminal offense at the moment, parliament is proposing to change that by fining impostors, fraudsters and impersonators up to Sh 3 million or a 3 year jail term.

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