Bahati’s Creativity Questioned After Release of New Single ‘Ching Ching’ [VIDEO]

April 20, 2018

Gospel music star Bahati last night unleashed his latest single; Ching Ching.

However, the oddly-titled song has received mixed reactions from listeners with some questioning the singer’s creativity. From comments made on YouTube and social media sites, a section of netizens doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the song’s title and its relevance to the song’s message.

One YouTube user, Antony Ndungu, wrote: “I am not comprehending the gist of your conversation bwana…”ching ching ni nini sasa?” I will mute… beat ni poa time ya gym…#kelele.”

In the song, Bahati tells us that Christ is the medicine, more powerful than Panadol and Cetamol.

“Zaidi ya panadol, ‘cetamol damu yake inaponya more…Zaidi ya panadol, ‘cetamol nimeponywa ndio nacheza low, oh,” sings Bahati.

This is another element of the song that has been questioned.

A YouTube user wrote: “Panadol Citamol? Kasee where is the creativity? emb has become the haven of song covers and stealing other songs’ flow.wakenya Manze tuwe creative kidogo bana. Umeyalivu lakini.”

The song also sounds different from Bahati’s previous releases, something the singer has acknowledged on social media. He promoted the song saying, “TIME FOR THE GOSPEL? Time For a New Sound.”

However, some netizens have noted that Bahati might be heading the Willy Paul way.

Instagram user, emmangelic_bahati, commented: “Idk but I feel like u no longer the gospel singer u used to be..if u do gospel stick to gospel.. I’m honestly a huge fan but it’s very disappointing??.”

The song is produced by Shallzbaro and video directed by Enos Olik.

Watch below.



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