Akothee Reveals Why She Stopped Gospel Music For Secular

April 17, 2018

Believe it or not but Akothee could easily have been a gospel music singer. However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the wealthy singer ditched the gospel for secular and as they say, the rest is history.

According to Akothee, the decision to quit being a Christ ambassador was influenced by the hypocrisy she experienced in Church after her divorce.

The ‘Oyoyo’ hitmaker made the startling revelations on social media after some of her followers reminded her about church.

“People reminding me of church, Am I the one holding the church key? Don’t you know that I was the best soloist in my church! Do you know that the church choir would feel empty in my absence? & the day I miss church everyone would know that mama vesha was not in church today! Do you know why I stopped gospel and went secular?” she posed in her Instagram post. 

She went on; “It’s because I could not keep up with the hypocrisy, the moment I got divorced, the entire church members I knew, family friends etc, turned their back on me, none of them or their wives wanted to associate with me! Preachers used my family status as an example to preach in church !gave me all kinds of names because they heard the story from one side! No one wanted to associate with me! Rejection is poisonous, that’s why most people mistake my attitude towards life for arrogance ????, Mimi ni msabato, sijabeba kifunguu ya kanisa yenyu wewe enda church ongea na Mungu wako, hatakuuliza dhambi zangu.”

The ‘Benefactor’ musician further answered her critics on allegations of being a bad role model, saying the world shaped her the way she is.

She wrote: “The world shaped me this away ??, don’t come to my wall expecting me to correct or raise your children for you ? I was raised without internet but I still messed up , don’t hung your children’s misbehaviours on celebrities, we won’t stop living our lives just because of the name Role model ! Unfollow anything that is not inspiring ! The button is right on your finger ☝if you can’t keep up unfollow pap , if you are addicted accept and embrace , if you are jealous get something better to do with your life we also have healthy competition! E.g. competing with the you yesterday. ???”


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