The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday March 28)

March 28, 2018

Here are today’s biggest stories.

Twenty million applicants for 100,000 jobs

India’s state-run railways have received more than 20 million applicants for about 100,000 jobs, a railway ministry official has said. The number of applicants is expected to rise further as the deadline for applications will end on Saturday, the official told Press Trust of India.

Zuckerberg’s snub to MPs ‘astonishing’

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to appear before MPs is “astonishing”, said the committee chairman who invited him to attend. Damian Collins, the head a parliamentary inquiry into fake news, urged Mr Zuckerberg to “think again”. Facebook and data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica are at the centre of a row over harvesting personal data.

Huawei P20 phone ‘can see in the dark’

Huawei’s latest smartphone can take photos in near-dark conditions without using its flash or a tripod. The P20 Pro takes exposures lasting up to six seconds to get enough light. It then uses artificial intelligence to deliver sharp images and avoid the blurring and smearing normally associated with employing this technique handheld.

Australian PM backs anti-Russia action

Australia has become the latest country to expel Russian diplomats as part of a global response to the poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK. PM Malcolm Turnbull said “the brazen attack in Salisbury was an attack on all of us”.

Chinese space lab may hit Earth ‘in days’

Debris from a defunct Chinese space station could crash to Earth as early as Friday, scientists monitoring it say. The Tiangong-1 was part of China’s ambitious space programme, and the prototype for a manned station in 2022. It was put into orbit in 2011 and five years later completed its mission, after which it was expected to fall back to Earth.

Brother-in-law crashed striker’s new car

A footballer’s brother-in-law has admitted crashing his brand new £250,000 car moments after it was delivered. Aston Villa player Lewis Grabban had arranged for Michael O’Donnell to receive the grey Ferrari at his home. But he and a friend decided to take the supercar for a spin, crashing into a tree and causing £93,000 of damage.

Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg has decided to testify before Congress

Facebook sources tell CNNMoney the 33-year-old CEO has come to terms with the fact that he will have to testify before Congress within a matter of weeks, and Facebook is currently planning the strategy for his testimony. The pressure from lawmakers, the media and the public has become too intense to justify anything less.

‘Strong possibility’ North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is in Beijing, source says

The visit comes weeks before Kim’s planned summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and a potential meeting with US President Donald Trump. Heavy security in Beijing and the presence of what appears to be a train that belongs to North Korea’s ruling Kim familyhad been fueling speculation that Kim, or another high-level representative from Pyongyang, was in the Chinese capital for talks.

Russia warns of retaliation after at least 100 diplomats expelled worldwide

The Russian government is threatening retaliation over one of the largest mass expulsions of its diplomats in history after more than 20 countries, including the United States, backed action by the UK over the poisoning of a former Russian spy in southern England.

A US vet facing deportation thought he’d just walked through an office door. It was actually Mexico

Speaking from Tijuana Monday, Miguel Perez told reporters that he’s feeling well physically, but is “very confused.” Perez was escorted across the US-Mexico border from Texas and handed over to Mexican authorities Friday, ICE said in a statement. Perez says a truck took him to an airport in Indiana.

What will Apple reveal during its Chicago ‘field trip?’

The tech giant is hosting an education-focused event in Chicago on Tuesday to likely reveal what it believes is the future of education. Considering Apple typically holds gadget launches from its Cupertino, California-based headquarters, a Chicago high school is an unusual spot to show off what it’s been working on to members of the press.

Houthis add fuel to fire with Saudi missile attacks

Shortly afterwards, the Houthi-controlled defense ministry in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital city, claimed responsibility for the seven long-range rockets, which were fired at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and several smaller Saudi cities close to the Yemeni border. Saudi defense officials say that all of the missiles were successfully intercepted, but that falling debris killed one Egyptian.

Prince Died Of An ‘Exceedingly High’ Amount Of Fentanyl Says Report

New details about Prince ‘s death have been revealed – and they’ll raise a brow. The Associated Press obtained a confidential toxicology report on Monday that found that the music legend died of an “exceedingly high” amount of fentanyl, according to multiple experts who aren’t tied to an investigation into Prince’s death.

Mark Zuckerberg Rejects Request To Appear Before UK Parliament On Data Misuse

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has refused a request from the U.K.’s Parliament to directly answer questions about the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal, with the company offering to send a senior deputy instead. In a letter shared by Member of Parliament Damian Collins on Tuesday, a Facebook official offered either Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer or Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.

Louisiana Attorney General Won’t Charge Cops In Alton Sterling Killing

The Louisiana attorney general said Tuesday he won’t charge two white police officers in the fatal shooting of a black man that sparked heated protests across the country. Attorney General Jeff Landry said at a news conference in Baton Rouge that Alton Sterling, 37, had a loaded gun, fought with officers and continued struggling even after he was shot with a Taser stun gun.

Heineken Pulls Beer Ad Dubbed ‘Terribly Racist’ By Chance The Rapper

Dutch brewer Heineken acknowledged it “missed the mark” with a new commercial that Chance the Rapper criticized as “terribly racist,” and pulled the spot from TV and YouTube. The Heineken Light ad shows a bartender sliding a bottle along a bar, past multiple black people, to a fair-skinned woman as the tagline, “Sometimes, lighter is better,” flashes onto the screen.

20 Years Later, Viagra Means Something Different For Millennials

Jason K. was 27 the first time he tried to have sex with a woman and couldn’t get an erection. He knew it wasn’t a physiological problem, because he had no problem getting hard at home while watching porn and masturbating, but the embarrassing episode gnawed at him.

Cambridge Analytica may go down in flames, but its practices won’t

When Cambridge Analytica got its hands on the interests, likes, and photos of 50 million Facebook users, they must’ve known they struck gold. Psychometrics – an over 100-year-old science dedicated to measuring emotions and other matters of the mind – once suffered from a paucity of data.

Huawei goes camera crazy with the new P20 Pro

Huawei has a new flagship, and boy is it hot. The company officially launched the oft-leaked P20 and P20 Pro today at a special media event in Paris. (A third variant, the P20 Lite, was soft-launched in China a week ago.) This time, Huawei’s got one goal: Crush every other smartphone camera with an insane amount of resolution.

Pornhub gives free Premium access to cities with sexy names

Never say that the porn industry doesn’t have a great sense of humor. If all of those punny parodies weren’t proof enough, take Pornhub’s new “Premium Places” initiative, which is shining a new light on all those sexually-tinged city names that make you quietly giggle.

Arizona orders Uber to stop testing self-driving cars in the state

Uber’s driverless tech pilot program has come to an end in Arizona. On Monday, the governor of Arizona, Douglas A. Ducey, told Uber in a letter that the state will suspend Uber’s license to test autonomous vehicles on Arizona’s public roads. The decision comes a week after an Uber driverless car hit and killed Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona.

Avengers assemble on Twitter to help terminally ill little boy

Heroes aren’t just confined to the big screen. On Sunday, Fox News journalist Shannon Bream posted an open request on Twitter. “Trying to help a young boy who is dying,” she wrote. “He probably has just days and all he wants is a greeting from one of the Avengers.”

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