Lol! Witch Doctor’s Spell Busts Notorious Busia Night Runner [PHOTO]

March 20, 2018

There was drama in Elgon View estate in Busia town after a suspected night runner was trapped and caught by a witch doctor.

Area residents woke up to the drama on Monday morning as they milled around the home of the suspected night runner to have a glimpse of the suspect who had covered his body with dried banana leaves.

The suspect is said to have been running around his compound while the witch doctor, Ms Tokosha Kamaliza and a colleague sprinkled water on him.

“I heeded to the call by my client who said she has not slept for over two weeks. We came yesterday (Sunday) to ‘protect’ the home. I was called early that the spell had worked and the suspect nabbed,” Kamaliza told journalists.

The client, Martine Wandera, said she opted for the witch doctor’s services after spending sleepless nights due to the disturbance caused by the night runner.

“I am tired of this man. He has been knocking on the door in the middle of the night then disappears. Occasionally he also threw sand on the roof which is irritating. My neighbours have also complained of the same,” she said.

The woman, who is a widow, added that she was tipped about the witch doctor’s services through a local radio station.

“This is not the first time we are experiencing this, we have tried to put a stop to this irritating behaviour without success,” she said.

A neighbour, only identified as Mama Georgina said; “I am happy he has been nabbed today.

“Recently our colleagues who were from night prayers said they saw a man with similar regalia at Samaki Estate but dashed into darkness when he saw a car approaching.”

The man was later dragged into an awaiting car for ‘healing’ amid chants from locals to lynch him.

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