How Kenyan Security Guard Pulled Off Sh130 Million Heist in Dubai

March 9, 2018

When President Kenyatta said that Kenyans are experienced thieves during a state visit to Israel in 2016, some of us were quick to dismiss him for exposing us. Well, it appears we don’t need the President to sing our praises anymore as our thieving ways are now internationally recognized.

This is after a Kenyan working in the UAE pulled off a Dh5 million(Sh130 Million) heist at a shopping mall in Deira area.

A Dubai Police official said the incident happened at 10:30 pm on Saturday during refilling of cash at an ATM.

Preliminary investigations indicate the suspect and a work colleague were near the ATM in the mall when the suspect distracted the second guard.

The suspect reportedly told the second guard that he was going to the bathroom and took the bag containing the money and escaped.

The second security guard kept waiting for the suspect for a while after which he informed his company which alerted Dubai Police.

Dubai Police questioned the security guard who denied having any knowledge of the suspect’s heist.

By press time, police were still hunting down the suspect who is said to be in his 20s.

“The suspect, in his 20s, recently joined the company. We alerted all the ports and are still trying to arrest him,” an official told Gulf News.

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