Girls Liked Me A Lot and I Had Money as a Student Leader, Isaac Mwaura

March 12, 2018

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has come out to reveal pretty interesting stuff about his campus life. The politician is an alumnus of Kenyatta University and says life was good during his 6-year stay.

Read his story below:

I joined Kenyatta University in 2001 and graduated in 2007. I would have graduated in 2006 had lecturers not forced the university to postpone the graduation to a later date.

At the university, I studied Special Education. I must confess that life was generally good, save for the few moments when lecturers made it unbearable for some of us.

I led a fairly comfortable life in campus, and had many friends. This is because my Room 4B in Longonot hostel had a TV, a printer, scanner, a three-seat sofa set and a blender. I also had quite a number of female visitors.

Young female students liked me a lot. It was only during the first year that some of them were a bit afraid to approach me because I am an albino. In fact, my first girlfriend dumped me because of my skin colour. Still, I dated more than one girl in campus, but none of them became my mama watoto.

During meal times, I would go to the mess and have ugali and soup for just Sh4. This however changed when I became a student leader. I could now even afford to visit Kilometer Market (KM) for chapati madondo or eat for free at the mess.

As a student leader, I had a lot of money – a cash allowance of Sh2,500, another Sh2,500 from my old man, plus  Sh60,000 from Helb. Life was truly good for Mwaura.

My saddest moment came when I vied for the Kenyatta University Students Association (KUSA) chairmanship and lost. I spent all my savings on the campaigns and was very broke after that. Even getting Sh5 for mandazi was a task.

It was rough, but when I finally joined KUSA as a special member, I left a mark in the student leadership. About my lecturers, I still remember Dr. Kamaree Kilosho, he was so good as a teacher, but his exams were really hard.

Then there was one Dr. Ogechi (he taught us French), whom I hated with passion. He was the most arrogant Congolese I have ever met in my life. I remember I lost some marks simply because he had misplaced my exam paper. I didn’t understand why I was being punished for someone’s mistake.

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