Watch: MPs Lament Lack of Toilet Paper in Parliament [VIDEO]

February 23, 2018

Members of Parliament on Wednesday were a united front as they lamented the shoddy state of parliament facilities.

The honorable members, drawn from both sides of the political divide, claimed the facilities do not befit their status. The Jubilee and NASA lawmakers showed a rare unity as they demanded better facilities and enhanced services. They also demanded that the Parliament catering department improves on their culinary skills.

The issues were raised when the legislators were approving names of members of the committee on services and facilities formerly known as the catering committee.

Among the contentious issue discussed was a lack of toilet paper and water in the washrooms.

“You cannot tell me that a parliament where legislators of a country stay you cannot have toilet paper that at one point you go to the washroom and there are is toilet papers,” John Mbadi said.

“In fact when you go to the continental house you have to be very careful. First of all, you have to check if the taps are running because you may mess yourself up Mr Speaker,” he added.

Mbadi also complained about that they are made to queue for food like Primary School children. He claimed that the food is too expensive despite being of low quality. A buffet at Parliament main dining hall goes for Sh590.

Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi, whose election was upheld by the Kisii High Court on Tuesday, complained about the state of machines in the gym.

“When I went to the gym last Friday, I found none of the machines and treadmills were working. I went there because I want to reduce my stomach and to do that you must walk on the treadmills or bicycles…but none of the equipment was working…So, my health is endangered simply because we cannot provide adequate facilities in that gym,” said Angweny amid laughs from the Mps.

Minority Whip and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed also lodged a complaint accusing the catering committee of doing very little to improve the welfare of MPs despite traveling to various countries including Uganda for benchmarking.

“Mr Speaker the type of tea that is offered here has very little milk and it looks like that offered during funerals,” he said.

Nambale MP Sakwa Bunyasi added: “When you go out there to eat chicken, you get a better-cooked meal than the one inside here.”

While it made for an interesting debate, it brought to light just how our politicians are more passionate about their wellbeing than that of the ordinary Kenyan.


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