Watch: Dash Cam Captures Moment Boni Khalwale’s Vehicle was Hit by a Truck on Mombasa Road

February 20, 2018

Video footage has emerged showing the moment Boni Khalwale was involved in a road accident.

The former Kakamega County Senator was driving along Mombasa road with his wife when a truck hit their Mazda Axela from behind. The accident happened on Monday at the flyover located near Parkside Towers.

The former Gubernatorial aspirant revealed that they escaped the crash without any serious injuries.

“We’re okay. I’m at the police station with my wife,” said Khalwale yesterday.

Taking to social media, Khalwale blamed the accident on reckless driving by the truck driver.

“My wife & I have luckily just escaped unhurt after some reckless driver hit our car several times from the rear along Mombasa Rd…”

Khalwale further noted that he did not think any foul play was involved and asked the police to pardon the driver of the truck.

He, however, questioned why the driver rammed into him several times in a subsequent Tweet after dash cam footage from another motorist emerged.

Khalwale Tweeted: “Was this really an accident? he hits three times -he hits ‘aiming’ at the back left? – no brake lights to show slowing down? I JUST DON’T KNOW!!!”

The accident comes months after his four children were involved in an accident in Kaimosi in July last year.

Watch the video below.


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