Why KOT Are Not Happy With President Uhuru Kenyatta Praise For KNH Doctors

February 13, 2018

Last week, surgeons at the Kenyatta National Hospital announced that they had successfully re-implanted the severed hand of 17-year-old Joseph Theuri.

Joseph Theuri’s right hand was cut off at the wrist on January 26 after a grass cutter’s power supply went on as he was cleaning it at their home in Kiambaa, Kiambu county.

The process of re-implanting the limb began at 10 pm on January 26; the procedure took seven hours, ending at 6 am on January 27.

The young man was finally wheeled out of his hospital bed for a presser last Thursday, as Kenyans wowed at yet another KNH medical wonder.

For days, the first of its kind surgery in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa has been the talk of the town with medical experts and common folk from around the world congratulating the team that made the re-implanting a success.

Among those who have congratulated the KNH team is President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Head of State, through the official President of Kenya Twitter handle, @PresidentKE, posted his commendation on Monday evening and it was not received well.

Coming five days after news of the surgery broke, Kenyans on Twitter faulted Uhuru Kenyatta for taking too long. They also brought up issues of corruption in the Health Ministry and the government’s treatment of doctors and nurses.

We have sampled those reactions below.

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