KNH Baby Thief “Had Suffered Miscarriage and Was Planning to Start New Life in Kisii”

February 21, 2018

Following the recovery of a baby who was stolen at Kenyatta National Hospital, details have emerged about the alleged thief, identified as Edinah Kemunto.

The baby was found on Tuesday found in Kawangware after a tip-off from a neighbour. The neighbour contacted the baby’s father, Job Nyatiti Ouko, after his heart-wrenching story aired on Citizen TV on Monday night.

Ouko was also on Citizen Extra Tuesday morning pleading for the safe return of the infant. He gave out his number during the TV interview and a Good Samaritan, who was following the live programme, called and informed him about his neighbor, who returned home with a baby two days ago.

The informant noted that Edinah had suffered a miscarriage recently and it was suspect when she returned with a baby.

Preliminary investigations indicate that she had camped at KNH looking for a baby. On the material day, she is said to have monitored her victims for close to 10 hours before making a move in the wee hours of Sunday night.

She executed the kidnapping in a span of seven to 10 minutes, hours after Ouko arrived at the hospital with his ailing wife and sister-in-law.

He said that as he was looking for help for his wife, he left the twins with two different women who he was already accustomed to at the hospital.

Ouko said they were forced to wait to see a doctor at the Accidents and Emergency section for more than nine hours. It is during this confusion at the hospital that Edna made a run for it with baby Prince Ouko.

“After some minutes, one of the women who was carrying Brighton – the other twin, rushed toward me with information that the other woman had taken off.”

On Tuesday, Ouko, after leaving Citizen TV studio together with his brother and area chief, stormed the woman’s home and found Prince Ouko crying and still in the same clothes he was wearing when he was stolen.

He was also wrapped in the same shawl captured in images circulated by police. The father said he recognized the woman on seeing her before she fled.

“We found the baby just as she was about to leave the estate,” said Ouko.

The woman was allegedly planning to travel to Kisii “to start a new life with the stolen baby”.

But according to a conflicting report, Edinah planned to sell the infant for Sh7,000 to a woman identified only as Jennifer.

Angry neighbour’s almost lynched her but police arrived and took her to Muthangari police station and launched investigations.

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