The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday February 22)

February 22, 2018

Here are links to the biggest stories on the internet today.

Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials, but they canceled

But the North Koreans pulled out of the meeting before it could happen. Pence’s office said they believed the abrupt cancellation was a sign that US attempts to exert pressure on the regime were working.

It’s Trump’s big chance on changing gun laws — if he wants to take it

Trump could march into the Conservative Political Action Conference, a bulwark of support for the Second Amendment, on Friday and explain why change is needed following the latest mass tragedy last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Florida Legislature rejects weapons ban with massacre survivors en route to Capitol

Lawmakers voted down a motion to consider the ban during a session that opened with a prayer for the 17 people killed by a former student last Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. The vote in the Republican-dominated body was 36-71.

Queen Elizabeth joins Anna Wintour on front row of London Fashion Week

Written by Eliza Mackintosh, CNN London A Swarovski-studded Queen Elizabeth II graced the front row of London Fashion Week, brushing shoulders with longtime Vogue editor Anna Wintour, during a surprise visit to the event on Tuesday.

Justin Trudeau ‘snubbed’ by Indian government on official trip

Though the Canadian leader is more than halfway through a week-long trip, he has yet to meet with a single senior member of the Indian government, sparking widespread speculation he has been “snubbed” by New Delhi.

Cape Town’s ‘Day Zero’ forecast pushed to July

“Day Zero” has been periodically pushed back following rain and the implementation of water-saving measures across the city and the surrounding region. At one point, South Africa’s second most populous city had previously been expected to run out of water on April 12.

South Korea’s Women Curlers Have Nicknames Like Pancake, Steak And Yogurt

Members of the South Korean women’s curling team are getting a taste of fame, not just because of their great Olympic performance, but also because of their delicious use of nicknames. The curlers entered the victories over higher-ranked teams like Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain and previously undefeated Sweden have Olympics ranked eighth in the world, but put the team in first place, according to the Wall Street Journal.

George And Amal Clooney Will March With Florida Shooting Survivors

George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney plan to march in support of the survivors of last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school. The couple released a joint statement on Tuesday to announce they will be in attendance at March For Our Lives on March 24 in Washington, D.C.

Pence Planned Secret Talks With North Korea, But Meeting Was Called Off

Vice President Mike Pence planned to meet several North Korean officials during his visit to Asia earlier this month, but the meeting was called off at the last minute after Pence repeatedly used his trip to slam the regime, The Washington Post first reported on Tuesday.

The dirtiest place in your kitchen might surprise you…

We are clearly a nation that is very keen on cleanliness. Many of us stick antibacterial surface wipes in our shopping baskets (and then sometimes down the drain, helping cause those giant fatbergs). But, quite apart from the environmental cost, is money spent on antimicrobial wipes money well spent?

Young survivors push for US gun reform

Survivors of a Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead have travelled to the state capital to press lawmakers to take more action on gun control. About 100 students arrived in Tallahassee hours before the state legislature rejected a ban on assault rifles like the one used in the attack.

Dust blankets Australian town in orange

An Australian town has been hit by a dust storm that covered the outback community in orange dust. The storm swept through Charleville in south-west Queensland on Tuesday, knocking down trees and causing minor damage. The scene prompted many residents to post photos and videos on social media.

Sylvester Stallone brushes off death hoax

To paraphrase the great American humourist Mark Twain, Twitter reports of Sylvester Stallone’s death are an exaggeration. Stallone and his brother confirmed on social media the actor was alive and well after he was the victim of a “death hoax”.

Fox News is getting its own streaming service called ‘Fox Nation’

Fox News is the latest network to jump into the streaming service market because 24 hours of cable news apparently just isn’t enough for its legions of “superfans.” The network announced this week plans for the standalone subscription-only, streaming service, called Fox Nation.

Shuri would be so proud of all of your ‘Black Panther’ memes

At this point, Black Panther as shattered records and made it’s mark as a historic film – so it’s no surprise that in its short lifespan it’s already spawned a few great memes.

Why the rhinos are the real MVP of ‘Black Panther’

Excited for Black Panther ? So are we. Which is why we’re rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week . One of the most unexpected joys of Black Panther is how it leaves you with the sudden, overwhelming, impossible urge to get a pet war rhino.

Bill Gates is going to appear as himself on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bill Gates, the man Dennis Feinstein once famously referred to as “like a super-nerd,” is reportedly set to appear on TV’s nerdiest sitcom: The Big Bang Theory. The Microsoft founder-turned-billionaire philanthropist will play himself in a March episode of the series, EW reports.

‘Black Panther’ hides a key to the Marvel’s future in Wakanda

As the credits roll on Black Panther, a seismic shift occurs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. King T’Challa informs the United Nations that Wakanda’s isolationist era is at an end, and the African nation will henceforth share its technology and its resources with the outside world.

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