Hilarious: List of All The Ways You Can ‘Eat’ in This Country

February 15, 2018

Apparently, if you are Kenyan and you really want to ‘eat’ there is an infinite number of ways. Ever since President Uhuru Kenyatta mocked Raila about eating meat during the burial of William Ole Ntimama in 2016, ‘eating’ has become a popular national word.

While addressing Raila directly, Uhuru told the opposition leader to keep off Jubilee affairs and instead put his own house in order.

He told him that they are the government now and are not in a hurry to go home. Uhuru further mocked Raila telling him, “Kumeza mate sio kukula nyama… endeleeni kumeza mate, lakini nyama tutakula,” meaning the opposition will continue salivating while Jubilee eats the meat.

Now, ‘Kukula’ is everywhere and not just on the political scene. On social media, you can ‘eat’ a block, if you’re a cop you can ‘eat’ a bribe.

These are just but a few examples of all the possible ways one can ‘eat’ in this country as revealed by a popular Kenyan on Twitter, @Crazy_Nairobian.

Here’s that Twitter thread.

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