NTSA Data Reveals Monday Was The Safest Day for Road Users in 2017

January 11, 2018

Monday was the safest day for travelers on Kenyan roads in 2017, according to statics by roads authority NTSA.

The data indicates Sunday was the deadliest with 595 fatalities recorded in 2017. In 2016, the highest number of fatalities was recorded on Saturday at 545 victims.

The data further shows that apart from Sunday, road fatalities rose on Tuesday in 2017 (364) — reversing the previous year’s trend of 322.

In terms of time of the day, 9 pm was the deadliest hour on Kenya roads in 2017 with 278 fatalities recorded, partly due to poor visibility and a rush to get home.

The safest time to be on the road was 4 am, partly due to low traffic.

Meanwhile, December was the deadliest month with 356 deaths compared to 289 cases the previous year.

The safest month was July with 178 deaths recorded.

According to the statistics, hit-and-run was the single highest cause of accidents in 2017 with 609 cases recorded, followed by loss of control (528 cases) and poor overtaking (320 cases).

Private cars retained their position as the largest contributors to fatal accidents, accounting for 28 percent of reported cases, reports Business Daily.

This was a slight improvement from the previous year when 35 percent of deadly accidents were attributed to private cars.

Commercial vehicles were the second largest cause of fatal accidents, contributing 24 percent of recorded cases compared to 25 percent the previous year.

Public service vehicles (PSVs) retained position three among the biggest causes of fatalities at 20 percent, similar to the previous year.

Motorcycles contributed 17 percent of road fatalities, a marginal drop from 18 percent in 2016. In terms of human demographics, the highest cases of fatalities were recorded among those aged 30-34 years.

The NTSA statistics show that the Nairobi-Mombasa highway was the deadliest last year followed by the Nakuru-Eldoret and the Nairobi-Thika highways.

The Garissa-Mwingi and Meru-Nanyuki highways were the safest.

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