“No Justice for the Poor” Kenyans Sympathize With Father of 7 Charged With Stealing Sh105

January 9, 2018

A case in which a father of seven has been charged with stealing a measly Sh105 has elicited sympathetic reactions from Kenyan internet users.

The middle-aged man, identified as Paul James Mwangangi, pleaded guilty to stealing the money from Kenyatta National Hospital on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

The suspect further requested the court to accord him a lenient sentence because he is a father of seven children who depend on him.

According to the prosecution team, the man stole a purse belonging to a nurse, Oyunge Cement Harriet, containing Sh105 and the total value of other valuables coming to Sh1,105.

Mwangangi faced another count of handling stolen goods contrary to the law on similar dates and place. He was accused of dishonestly retaining a purse while having reason to believe it was stolen goods.

The court heard that the nurse was on duty at the hospital when she left her handbag in the doctors’ room 3 only to find the bag missing.

When he saw the doctor, Mwangangi is said to have left the room after which the nurse realized that her handbag was missing. Security guards responded leading to the arrest of Mwangangi.

Magistrate Martha Mutuku referred the matter to a probation officer who is to consider whether to grant Mwangangi an out of court sentence.

The matter will be mentioned on 12th January.

The case has caught the attention of Twitter users who used the platform to share their sentiments. Majority noted the irony in prosecuting the accused while alleged big-money looters like former Devolution CS Waiguru continue to prosper.

We have sampled some Tweets below.

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