The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday January 15)

January 15, 2018

As we start the week, here are links to stories making headlines today.

From paradise to panic: Hawaii residents and vacationers react to the false alarm

“BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII,” said the emergency alert. “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” For a few moments, the island paradise was turned upside down as people tried to figure out what to do.

Doctors want President Trump’s head examined

Jackson received an urgent letter from dozens of doctors and health professionals Thursday urging him to perform basic mental health tests on the President. While reviews of the past five presidents’ physical exams show only a brief mention of mental health and none of the records includes a readout of the mental health tests, this letter points out that mental evaluations are routine during physicals, particularly for patients who are 66 or older.

Mark Wahlberg says he’ll donate $1.5 million in Michelle Williams’ name

The donation comes in response to criticism over a gender pay gap for reshoots of the movie “All the Money in the World.” Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the reshoots while Williams made just around $1,000, or $80 a day.

African Union, African UN envoys demand Trump apology

“The African Union Mission wishes to express its infuriation, disappointment and outrage over the unfortunate comment made by Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, which remarks dishonor the celebrated American creed and respect for diversity and human dignity,” the African Union mission to the United States said in a blistering statement.

WSJ: Trump lawyer arranged porn star payment for her silence in October 2016

President Donald Trump’s longtime attorney denied that Trump had a sexual encounter with a porn star after a report by The Wall Street Journal on Friday alleged the lawyer helped facilitate a six-figure payment to the actress in October 2016 in exchange for her silence.

Clinton denies foundation funds paid for wedding

“No Clinton Foundation funds – dedicated to Haiti or otherwise -were used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding,” Clinton tweeted Saturday. “It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc.” The former President included a link to a report in The Washington Post that fact-checked the allegation, labeling it “a claim lacking any evidence.”

H&M closes all its stores in South Africa after protests

The protesters were reacting toan ad in which a black child wore a sweatshirt that bore the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle.” It appeared on the British version of the Swedish retailer’s online store. Some social media users shared footage claiming to show demonstrators throwing racks of clothing to the ground.

Mark Zuckerberg is fighting to save Facebook

When Google launched Google Plus, a rival social network, Zuckerberg put Facebook in a state of “lockdown” and informed employees that “Carthage must be destroyed,” according to one tell-all book from a former employee.

Salmonella baby milk ‘affects 83 countries’

More than 12 million boxes of powdered baby milk have now been recalled in 83 countries in a salmonella scandal involving French company Lactalis. The dairy firm’s CEO, Emmanuel Besnier, confirmed the extent of the contamination risk to French media. The products have been subject to a recall since December, after salmonella bacteria was discovered at a factory.

Tunisia announce reforms after protests

The Tunisian government has announced a wave of social reforms, following days of demonstrations by anti-austerity protesters. Protests broke out ahead of Sunday’s seventh anniversary of the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Emergency government meetings were held in response to protests, which have seen more than 800 people arrested.

Burning oil tanker ‘sinks off China’

An oil tanker burning in the East China Sea for more than a week has finally sunk, Chinese media say. The Sanchi and a cargo ship collided 260km (160 miles) off Shanghai on 6 January, with the tanker then drifting south-east towards Japan.

Wahlberg donates reshoot fee to Time’s Up

The actor Mark Wahlberg has donated $1.5m to the Time’s Up legal defence fund. The move comes after it emerged that Wahlberg was paid $1.5m to reshoot scenes for the film All The Money in the World. His co-star Michelle Williams was paid $80 a day for the extra work.

Chelsea Manning to run for US senate

Chelsea Manning, the former US intelligence analyst who was jailed for leaking classified documents, is seeking the Democratic Party nomination to run for the US senate in Maryland. In 2013 Manning was sentenced to 35 years after being found guilty of 20 charges, including espionage. But former US President Barack Obama commuted her sentence.

Protesters Try To Arrest London ‘s Mayor For Disrespecting Donald Trump

A group of right-wing protesters wheeled a home-made gallows outside a hall where London’s Muslim mayor was about to speak and tried to arrest him for disrespecting Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported. Mayor Sadiq Khan laughed it it off, calling the protesters “very stable geniuses.”

A Photo Of Reese Witherspoon With Emilia Clarke Is Blowing Fans’ Minds

Elle Woods met the Mother of Dragons, and folks online just couldn’t cope. Actresses Reese Witherspoon and Emilia Clarke sent Twitter into a mini-meltdown on Thursday night when they posed for this snap at the Critics’ Choice Awards: Tweeters couldn’t get over the pair’s similar style choices, their beaming smiles and the general all-round awesomeness of the snap.

Donald Trump In ‘Excellent Health,’ Doctor Says After Checkup

Donald Trump is in “excellent health,” said a brief statement from his doctor issued by the White House on Friday following the president’s checkup. “The president’s exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well. The president is in excellent health and I look forward to briefing some of the details on Tuesday,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said in the statement.

Stephen Colbert Has A Gross Theory About Trump’s ‘Executive Time’

Stephen Colbert made a gross guess about what President Donald Trump really gets up to during his so-called ” executive time ” on Friday’s “Late Show.” Axios recently reported that Trump’s daily schedule was getting shorter and that he dedicated several hours of the day to “executive time” ― which allegedly consist of him watching television or tweeting while alone.

The winners and losers of CES 2018

CES is the best place to get a sense of what’s hot and not in technology. As gadget-packed as this year’s show was – we crowned our favorite tech from CES here – it also provided good insight on the tech trends that’ll influence our lives.

Apple’s ‘I’m sorry’ for throttling old iPhones isn’t good enough for Congress

The drama surrounding Apple’s old iPhone batteries isn’t over yet. Four U.S. House Republicans sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday asking for answers on batterygate. In December, Apple admitted to throttling the speed of older iPhones to increase battery performance, a long-time conspiracy theory among iPhone users that turned out to be true.

A rooster named Frog runs to greet its human getting off the school bus

The unlikely cute animal of the day today is a rooster. A rooster named Frog. According to the YouTube description, every day after school, Frog rushes to greet his human Savannah as she gets off the bus. As you can see from the clip, Frog executes this ritual with enthusiasm and impressive speed.

Eliza Dushku says she was molested at age 12 while working on ‘True Lies’

“When I was 12 years old, while filming True Lies, I was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood’s leading stunt coordinators.” So begins Eliza Dushku’s heart-wrenching #MeToo Facebook post, which she shared early on Saturday morning.

The Neil Patrick Harris channel is coming to smart TVs

Want to know what your favorite celebrity is up to? These days it’s pretty straightforward: Follow them on social media. But if that celebrity happens to be Neil Patrick Harris, it’s even easier – just download the IAm Neil Patrick Harris app, which puts his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds all in one place.

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