If You’ve Been Asking Larry Madowo When He’ll Marry, Read This

August 17, 2017

Many Kenyans have commented on Larry Madowo‘s wanderlust.

Every other week, he is seemingly on the move to some unexplored part of the world. Most Kenyans have never stepped outside the country. Most do not even have passports, and the few who do, only boast of a few stamps.

But Larry Madowo has never lacked destinations, time and what looks like a bottomless pit of finances. Before he called it quits as the host of The Trend, Madowo would occasionally leave other media personalities to host it for a week or two, as traveled across the world to host conferences or simply unwind.

On his social media pages, Kenyans have made it a regular thing to remind him that a man his age needs to settle down; get a good wife and a few kids. Some have even become his financial advisers wondering why he should use hundreds of thousands to travel when he can get a nice 50 by 100 with a title. To be fair, some of his trips are working trips and probably all expenses paid by the sponsor.

But if you’re still ‘wondering’, this Twitter thread by @RookieKE, will probably change your perspective on life.

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