Sh90 Government Unga Spotted in Canada Supermarket… Price – Sh1200

July 18, 2017

If you’re having difficulties finding unga on supermarket shelves, perhaps you should blame Canada. The subsidized flour has been elusive for many weeks, an now we think we know why.

At Sh90, many businessmen have been accused of hiking this price. Apparently, they repackage it in clear papers and sell it in villages and small towns at a very high mark up. But I have to admit, the profit margin in this shop in Canada is out of this world.

‘Chakula Tamu’ is an grocery shop in Toronto, Canada, specializing in East African foods. Its target market is mostly the Kenyans living there.

Somehow, the proprietor got a hand of the subsidized government flour (Which he/she shouldn’t because the shortage is in Kenya not Canada).

To get a commodity from Nairobi to Toronto, you will have to cover thousands of miles and one or two oceans. Obviously, this will push up the price of whatever you are exporting.

But for unga to move from Sh90 to Sh1150, [conversion from 14 Canadian Dollars] well, that’s what I call daylight robbery. Too bad the residents there have no option, unless they can fly in the unga themselves.

And the customers there look happy enough to pay that price, going by these pictures.

Away from the unga, does Miguna Miguna have an undeclared brother in Canada?

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