Rasanga to Gumbo: ”Blame your Mother for Marrying a Poor Man”

July 12, 2017

Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga has made probably the most bizarre statement of this campaign season.

Speaking about his opponent Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo, Rasanga said that ”he should blame his mother for marrying a poor man, thus making him have a difficult childhood.”

He was attacking Gumbo for telling voters to elect him because he had a poor upbringing. During his campaigns, Gumbo, who is seeking to unseat Rasanga as an independent candidate, has been quick to bring up the topic of his humble upbringing, saying it taught him many virtues.

“I was brought up by a poor father who could not even afford a blanket for us to cover ourselves,” he said during a mass at Sigomere Catholic Church on Sunday.

Rasanga on the other hand did not have similar difficulties as a child. His father, the late Amoth Owira, was a senior paramount chief during the colonial times.

The governor also took issue with the recent directive by IEBC that he should stop using government-procured relief maize as a campaign tool. He accused Gumbo of engineering the ban, saying he will continue. “I will add more stock since this is an ongoing government project which cannot just be suspended by the IEBC,” he said.

Additional reporting by the Star

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