Missing KRA Supervisor Found Dead, Body Dumped Off Mombasa Road

July 13, 2017

The body of a missing KRA employee has been found dumped off Mombasa Road.

Jared Ratemo Mokua, 35, was a lawyer working with the taxman as a supervisor in Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) Customs and Border Control Department, Consolbase Container Freight Services, Mombasa.

According to the Standard, the father of three was abducted and strangled before his body was dumped off Mombasa Road.

His body was found dumped at the junction of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport/ Mombasa Road on Wednesday morning.

He appeared to have been strangled and hit on the head with a blunt object.

Mokua’s brother, Harun, said he had traveled to Nairobi to solve a tax related matter.

He was supposed to travel to Mombasa on Tuesday on a 9.30 am flight.

Harun said Mokua passed by his law firm in Nairobi on Tuesday morning and left in hurry for a meeting in town. Mokua and his wife ran the firm that operates from Ngara area.

According to Harun, his brother was to catch his flight at JKIA after the meeting.

“When the wife tried to reach him at about 9 am, his mobile phone was not going through. She tried up to late and later decided to make a report to police,” said Harun.

On Wednesday morning, police contacted them with the sad news of the discovery of his body.


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