The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday July 25)

July 25, 2017

These are the stories making world headlines today.

A chill from the White House reaches State Department

There was a decided chill across the executive branch as last week came to a close after a tumultuous series of events that rattled worker bees and caught the attention of Cabinet secretaries.

Dozens dead after Kabul bomb attack

The blast occurred around 6:40 a.m. local time (10:10 pm ET), when a Toyota Corolla exploded in the city’s Police District 3, Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish told CNN. In a statement to local journalists, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

US Navy adds largest-ever warship: What does it mean for Asia?

The message comes in the form of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, a $13 billion behemoth commissioned into the US Navy’s fleet on Saturday. “Wherever this vessel cuts through the horizons, our allies will rest easy and our enemies will shake with fear because everyone will know that America is coming and America is coming strong,” Trump said.

‘Easier to move a mountain’: China vows new military drills amid India dispute

“We will preserve our sovereign territory and security interests at any cost,” Sr. Col. Wu Qian, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman, told reporters Monday, adding that the People’s Liberation Army will “further intensify targeted operations and trainings” around the Doklam area.

Indonesian leader polishes strongman image by calling for drug killings

“As I’ve said before, just be firmer, especially to those foreign drug dealers entering the country, particularly those who resist. Just shoot them on site, give them no mercy,” Widodo said in a speech t o the Islamist United Development Party Friday.

Trunks not made for swimming: Elephants rescued from Sri Lankan sea

On Sunday morning, a Sri Lankan naval patrol rescued two distressed elephants stranded at sea off the island’s eastern coast, according to the national navy. Three navy vessels participated in the rescue mission along the coast of the province of Trincomale, eventually coordinating with a team of navy divers to help guide the elephants back to shore.

‘Game of Thrones’ just solved its biggest problem in one bloody swoop

Welp, looks like Game of Thrones has finally figured out how to fix its Dorne problem. In episode 2 of Season 7, we finally found out what kind of priceless gift Euron Greyjoy intends to give Cersei to win her trust (and, might I add, we called it).

Sneaky change to ‘Game of Thrones’ credits may reveal White Walkers’ master plan

Everyone human on Game of Thrones is prey to the looming army of White Walkers heading down from north of the wall, but a new fan theory suggests the army of the dead may strike sooner than we thought.

The Rock just revealed his latest action movie, co-starring Siri

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says a lot of things on social media, including the occasional dad joke, but unless he’s pranking us this time, we’re about to see him star in a film with none other than Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

YouTube is killing its built-in video editing tools

If you’re working on a long editing project directly on YouTube, you now have a deadline. The Google-owned video platform announced on Friday it will shut down its built-in Video Editor feature on Sept. 20. The toolkit has been around since 2010, but has fallen on hard times.

Beached whale in Paris turns out to be an art piece

On Saturday morning in Paris, a sperm whale appeared on the banks of the Seine river in Paris. Whales, which thrive in the salty waters of the oceans, don’t tend to end up 100 miles inland, washed up on the banks of fresh water rivers. Yet there it was: a whale in Paris.

Nicki Minaj has no idea how to use Snapchat and it’s hilarious

Believe it or not but Nicki Minaj has something in common with the resident old in your life. The queen of rap proved that she’s still relatable in the most unexpected way when she publicly navigated her way around Snapchat on Sunday afternoon, and ended up asking fans for their tech help.

Manchester United 1-1 Real Madrid (2-1 penalties)

Jesse Lingard opened the scoring in first half injury time after a great piece of skill from Anthony Martial However, Casemiro levelled from the penalty spot after Victor Lindelof brought down Theo Hernandez With the scoreline level after 90 minutes, the International Champions Cup fixture went to penalties Only three

Neymar ‘stays’ at Barcelona, claims Gerard Pique

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique suggested the summer saga of Neymar’s on-off move to Paris Saint Germain was about to reach its conclusion on Sunday night when he a posted a: ‘he stays’ message on social media.

Neymar could cost PSG £450m all in, with his father due £36m

Any potential move to take Neymar from Barcelona to PSG could cost £450m The fee could include a huge £36m going to the father of the player alone PSG are hoping to snare the forward, aware that his release clause is €222m The world record deal Paris Saint-Germain are working on to land Neymar could eventually top an astronomical £450million – including £36m to the player’s father.

Africa Live: Mugabe ‘gives sister-in-law $60,000 gift’, Mandela doctor could be sued – BBC News

Zimbabwe’s president celebrates sister-in-law’s birthday, Herald reports, Graca Machel mulls suing Nelson Mandela’s doctor over book, and more.

US-Russia probe: Trump son-in-law Kushner to face Senate – BBC News

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner will be questioned by senators later about alleged Russian interference in the US election. In a closed-door session, a Senate panel will probe Mr Kushner on his relationship with Russian officials. One key area will be a meeting with a Russian lawyer who allegedly promised damaging material on Hillary Clinton.

South African child ‘virtually cured’ of HIV – BBC News

A nine-year-old infected with HIV at birth has spent most of their life without needing any treatment, say doctors in South Africa. The child, whose identity is being protected, was given a burst of treatment shortly after birth. They have since been off drugs for eight-and-a-half years without symptoms or signs of active virus.

Nigeria’s President Buhari seen in London – BBC News

Nigeria’s president has been pictured in London for the first time since he left his homeland almost 80 days ago. President Muhammadu Buhari, 74, came to the UK for treatment for an unspecified illness. On Sunday, he met governors from his party for lunch and was very cheerful, according to a government statement.

The hidden ways your language betrays your character

If you overheard a conversation on a bus, do you think you could tell from the words that were used and the topics discussed, the personality of the people who were chatting? What about if I showed you a short story? Could you glean something about the character of the author from their language?

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