‘He’s the Real Joshua.’ Social Media Reacts to Rare Act of Kindness by Nairobi Matatu Conductor

July 6, 2017

A public service vehicle ‘conductor’ based in Nairobi has restored faith in humanity and the notorious matatu sector after a kind gesture towards a granny.

The conductor, dressed in his maroon uniform, was snapped helping a grandma in the busy streets of Nairobi and the photos shared on social media.

As the story goes, the unidentified man helped the elderly woman alight from a matatu. He then held her hand and helped her maneuver the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city centre.

With the granny’s bag on his shoulder, the conductor was kind enough to take her to the next bus stop.

This is what a social media user who witnessed the incident wrote on social media:

“Yesterday(Monday) while in town I could not fail to notice the young man help this grandma alight from a matatu where he is a conductor. He went ahead to help her cross the busy streets of Nairobi while carrying her bag. He took her to connect the bus to her next Destination and saw him run back to his matatu which had already left. This lady could not hide her joy as she was boarding the next bus. May God bless you young man and may God connect you to your Destiny helpers too.”


Some reactions:

Leah Karanja: Remnants of good nature will never lack.Upbringing is key.Wish some well placed person can capture this an highlight it to help improve on virtues in the matatu Industry.

Roselyne Wambui: So kind of him God bless this man waoooh

Rosemary Thira: Kudos to the woman who brought him up and God bless him too he’s indeed a gem in an industry that is chaotic

Lillian Kakwekwe: oooh God bless this young man, this is so rare in kenya

Joy Arnold: God bless him i wish was able could have help him get his own matatu if he doesn’t have one but i know God will bless him get one.

Mariann Nation: Its rare to find such kindness God has planted some seed of hospitality in him may He prosper in everyway.

Wambui Kagunya: MC Just dropped some tears…May God bless you. His break through is nearer than he knows!

Sheerow Kagz: Wooh am speechless, God bless him Oooh connection to your destiny helper may become his portion

Robert Limo: Now these is the real Joshua….Kudos be blessed, long life brother!

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