Babu Owino’s Wife Wooes Voters in Embakasi, Skips Rope with Young Girls (PHOTOS)

July 13, 2017

Until recently, the general population had no idea that controversial student leader Babu Owino was a married man. For Nairobi Wire readers the secret was out as early as 2015.

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The Embakasi East Parliamentary aspirant made headlines last month when he ‘unveiled’ his wife, Fridah Muthoni Owino.

The SONU Chairman had on June 17 attended a sermon at an SDA church in Utawala ward, accompanied by his wife and daughter aged one and a half.

What followed were media interviews seeking answers about the couple, one of which asked Babu Owino why he chose to introduce Fridah during the campaign trail.

He said: “I can never use her as a campaign tool for my election as Embakasi MP. In fact, she is the one who suggested that I allow her to help in my campaigns. I love and respect her.”

Well, it appears Fridah is really keen on helping Babu clinch the seat and has been on a charm offensive in Embakasi East.

On Monday, she was distributing water to residents of Vumilia, Kamola, Kisumu Ndogo and phase 8 in Upper Savanna ward following a water shortage.

The philanthropic gesture was topped by Fridah’s engagement with kids in the area as she joined girls in a game of skipping rope.

Word on social media has it that she has the makings of a future first lady. Only time will tell.

The two met seven years ago at the University of Nairobi as first-year students. Babu Owino was pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science while Fridah a Bachelors in Economics.

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