OMG! Woman Slashes Colleague with Beer Bottle Over ‘Chama’ Debt in Embakasi

June 7, 2017
Muthoni in hospital and inset; Wambui Muhia

A woman last Sunday attacked and slashed her friend on the head with a broken beer bottle after a quarrel over a debt.

Loice Muthoni, 30, was having drinks at a pub in Embakasi’s Pipeline Estate, Nairobi when Wambui Muhia aka ‘Mama Shiro’, a colleague at her women’s group(chama), demanded that she clears the Sh6,000 debt she owed her.

A heated dispute ensued with Muthoni said to have been embarrassed by Wambui in the presence of her drinking buddies,

Wambui then left the table for the washrooms and returned with a broken beer bottle, which she rammed into her friend’s head repeatedly before taking off.

According to an eyewitness identified as Fred Mbuvi, Wambui had been involved in numerous bar brawls at the same pub the previous night.

“It was a beastly attack. She caught her unawares and started stabbing her all over with the bottle. She left her in a pool of blood and took off,” he said.

The public got hold of Wambui and beat her up before she was admitted to the same hospital as Muthoni.

Muthoni told The Nairobian that the incident left her with horrific injuries, a heavy hospital bill, and low self-esteem.

She suffered deep cuts to her face, chest, head and back.

Embakasi police who visited Mission Nursing Home where the two were admitted confirmed that the attacker will be arrested after treatment.

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