”Shame on You Raila.” Ababu Namwamba Says After Sigiri Bridge Collapse

June 28, 2017

Budalang’i Member of Parliament Ababu Namwamba has hit out at Raila Odinga and the opposition for politicizing the collapse of Sigiri Bridge.

The bridge estimated to have cost Sh1.2 billion collapsed on Monday morning just 2 weeks after the president visited the site. It was supposed to be launched next month.

Speaking at the scene of the incident on Tuesday, Ababu described the incident as “catastrophic”, adding that it is unfortunate that the Opposition leader has chosen to politicise the incident, during which lives could have been lost.

Ababu, just like Jubilee leaders Moses Kuria, Kimani Ichun’gwa and Kimani Wamatangi, pointed to economic sabotage from the opposition and called on investigative agencies to hasten the process.

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“We must not rule out the possibility of sabotage. I also want to rebuke those characters who believe that they can ride on this accident to score some cheap political goals. Shame on you because Sigiri Bridge for us is about saving lives.”

He added: “I particularly want to rebuke Raila Odinga. I listened to his(Raila) sentiments in regard to this accident and he sounded like he was dancing on the graves of all our people that have lost their lives at this point and in whose memory we are erecting this bridge. Mr Odinga shame on you.”

Meanwhile, Chinese Overseas Construction and Engineering Company Project has taken full responsibility for the collapse.

Manager Jerome Xzue Hua told the Nation they are baffled by the Monday incident as “all the standards and specification required by the employer were met.”

“We have experienced engineers and we are equally baffled by what happened. We hope to find the root cause of the problem and rectify the matter,” Mr Hua said.

Watch the video below:

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