Pastor Suspected of Killing a Man in Tragic Love Triangle

June 8, 2017

A love triangle involving a pastor and a married couple ended in tragedy in Nyatike after a man was found dead.

According to reports, Tobias Oyoo was found dead after a fight with his pastor and friend, Fred Ochieng’, who had been having an affair with his wife.

Area Chief David Oula said Oyoo and his wife had just solved their marital problem at his office and were to move back home.

The couple had reportedly agreed that Oyoo would give his mother-in-law cash on Tuesday and that his wife would return home on Wednesday.

But Oyoo decided to confront Ochieng’ and his wife after he was told that they had been seen together.

He is said to have travelled on a motorcycle from Sori town to Osiri, a journey of about 30kms, to confront them.

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“He parked his motorcycle by the road and walked into the thicket where he found his wife and the pastor making out. A confrontation ensued,” said Oula, Osiri Chief.

Oyoo’s wife is said to have fled the scene leaving the two men to fight over her. She reported the incident to the chief’s office that night and a search team was deployed to the area.

The team found signs of a fight near a goldmine where the man was found dead.

“When the deep mine was inspected the man was found dead. He was pushed in and landed head first on sharp rocks,” the chief said.

Confirming the incident, Nyatike OCPD Dishon Chebaka, said the three, who were members of Roho Msalaba Church, knew each other well and that the suspect was still at large.

“The motorcycle and the woman are at Macalder police station. We have launched a manhunt for the suspect,” Chebaka said.

The man’s body was taken to Migori Level Four Hospital mortuary.

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