Why Huddah Monroe Doesn’t Want to Get Married, Especially to a Nigerian Man

June 12, 2017

Popular girl-about-town Huddah Monroe is against the idea of getting married.

The petite beauty recently made known her sentiments about marriage on social media. Taking to Snapchat over the weekend, Huddah Monroe said that she does not want to get married, ever.

Even more surprising is the fact that if she ever did get married, it would not be a Nigerian man.

“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man,” Huddah wrote.

Her reasons?

“These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a no to me,” she added.

Huddah’s sentiments come as a shock as she has been linked to a number of Nigerian celebrities in the past.

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