Tuskys CEO Attacked After Telling Kenyans To Live on 30% of Salary and Save 70%

May 11, 2017

Tuskys CEO Dan Githua found himself in a difficult situation after he suggested to Kenyans that they should live on 30% of their salary and save 70%.

Tweeting on Saturday, Githua wrote, “KIJANA! Can u live on 30% of your sal & save 70%. Thats gona be the diff b2n U & your future wealthy pal living in Runda 20 yrs from 2day!”

To most Kenyans especially in current times when prices of everything have gone up, that’s a very unrealistic proposal.

Most of those replying to his tweet wondered what is the logic behind saving, particularly because the interest rates provided by banks are lower than the inflation rate in the country.

However, one guy went for the jugular and demanded to know how much Githua pays his workers, for them to comfortably live on 30% of their salary.

“You’re the C.E.O of @TuskysOfficial, what is the average wage of workers at the supermarket?” @Benogola tweeted.

Attempts to have the CEO reply have so far been futile.

Then one person commented with a figure. It’s unclear what year this salary was, but it would be nearly impossible to live on 100% of it, leave alone 30%.

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