As You Laugh at Kiambu for Electing Waititu, This is What He Did in Thika Yesterday

May 11, 2017

It may be 3 months before Ferdinand Waititu is confirmed as Kiambu governor, but Babayao has already gotten down to work.

Waititu gave incumbent William Kabogo a comprehensive beating, and the path is now clear for him to be the next governor. Kabogo is yet to submit his name as an independent candidate, and it increasingly seems unlikely he will.

On Tuesday, there happened to be a huge traffic jam in Thika Town (as usual) at the notorious Blue Post turn-off.

Known to be one who likes getting his hands dirty, Waititu quickly mobilized machinery and manpower and within minutes created a brand new ‘road’ to divert some traffic.

Well, he may not be as eloquent as his predecessor, but perhaps Kiambu people just hit the jackpot.

Is the era of men in suits hiding in office desks over?

Here are some pics.

Photos courtesy of Ndungu Nyoro

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