This Hotel Announcement About Ugali Sosa is Why the Price of Unga Needs to Drop

May 5, 2017

Times are tough for a majority of Kenyans at the moment. The prices of basic commodities such as Maize flour and milk have soared beyond the reach of many ordinary Kenyans.

This despite a promise by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich that the prices of a two-kilogramme maize flour would go down last month to Sh115 from a record high of Sh153.

However, millers are yet to pass on to consumers the benefits of tax relief granted to them by the Government.

As a result, drastic measures are being taken everywhere to cope with the difficult times.

One such measure was taken by a hotel in Nairobi as its management announced with a poster that the popular Ugali sosa has been suspended.

On a sidenote, it appears people are so hungry and frustrated they could care less about grammar.

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