The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday April 19)

April 19, 2017

Here are the stories making headlines today.

This is What Would Happen if a Nuclear Bomb was Dropped in Nairobi

A lot is happening in the world today. Just this weekend, Turkey voted to give their president Tayyip Erdoğan more powers. Previously, the presidency in Turkey was more ceremonial, but now it just became powerful… too powerful some people are saying. Erdogan will now likely leave office in 2034

Watch Uhuru ‘Endorse’ Peter Kenneth for Nairobi Governor (VIDEO)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has done what has been interpreted by some quarters as en

North Korea timeline: From Trump’s inauguration to now

When US President Donald Trump took office on January 20, the new administration’s policy on North Korea was unclear. Three months on, China’s calling for calm amid warnings from Pyongyang’s United Nations envoy of possible thermonuclear war, while the White House stresses that its long-held policy of “strategic patience” is over.

dorsing Peter Kenneth for the Nairobi gubernatorial race. While addressing residents of Kirwara in Gatanga on Saturday, after attending the burial of former Gatanga MP David Murathe’s father, Uhuru told them to “pr

Watch LEAKED VIDEO of Governor ‘Joho’s’ Interrogation at the CID

Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho has for months been at the center of attention in fiery politics between Jubilee and the Opposition. Most of his recent troubles pertain to the credibility of his academic credentials that were suspected to have been forged. As a result of his troubles,

UK Prime Minister Theresa May to seek early election

In an unexpected statement at Downing Street, May said she was seeking a vote on June 8, less than halfway through the government’s five-year term. May, who commands only a slim majority in the House of Commons, said that a new mandate would strengthen her hand in negotiations in Brexit talks.

North Korean envoy warns of nuclear war possibility

North Korea has consistently issued threats of war toward the United States in recent decades, but the Trump administration’s announced end of a “strategic patience” policy with Pyongyang has upped the ante in terms of warnings and bellicose rhetoric.

French election: Le Pen, Macron… or Mélenchon?

Only a few weeks ago, it appeared almost guaranteed that the French electorate would vote for a face off between National Front Leader Marine Le Pen and independent candidate Emmanuel Macron. But as Sunday’s first round of voting draws ever closer, the political whirlwind that is far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon appears to be gathering speed.

As advisers cross globe to hotspots, Trump stays put

Ensconced with his family inside the White House after three nights at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s thoughts were far from the tense Korean Peninsula. Instead, an old familiar grudge was weighing on the President. “The recent Kansas election (Congress) was a really big media event, until the Republicans won.

Syria photographer takes action instead of pictures, picks up injured boy

It happened in 2015 with an image of the lifeless body of Alan Kurdi, face down on a beach in Turkey, who drowned in the Mediterranean fleeing the war. It happened last year when a photographer captured little Omran Daqneesh sitting in an ambulance, his body bloodied and dusty after his home was bombed in Aleppo.

Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya arrested in the U.K.

The flamboyant businessman was arrested on Tuesday in the U.K., months after being accused of fraud by Indian authorities. London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that Mallya had been arrested on an extradition warrant. The 61-year-old beer baron — who has been described as the Richard Branson of India — has become a poster child for unpaid debts in his home country.

Trump congratulates Erdogan for referendum win

Trump called the Turkish leader on Monday shortly after international monitors delivered a harsh verdict on the referendum on constitutional changes. They found that the opposition campaign had been restricted and the media coverage was imbalanced, and that the electoral authority had unfairly changed the rules after polls had opened.

Astronaut: NASA discovery sparks our dream of intelligent life beyond Earth

For those like myself, who thrill at any discovery that suggests Earth’s creatures may not be alone in the universe, the findings capture our imagination anew. But does Cassini bring our imaginings closer to reality? Let’s look at what the discovery shows: Cassini dove through plumes erupting through the icy surface of the oceans of Enceladus.

Family of Facebook homicide victim: We forgive accused shooter

Steve Stephens, 37, stands charged with Sunday’s aggravated murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, a former manufacturing worker, self-taught mechanic, father of 10 and grandfather of 14. Cleveland police said after shooting Godwin, Stephens posted video of the killing on Facebook. “Each one of us forgives the killer, the murderer,” Godwin’s daughter, Tonya Godwin-Baines said Monday.

Lady Gaga FaceTimed Prince William to talk about mental health and you have to watch it

British Royalty and Pop Royalty joined forces today to create a powerful video encouraging people to speak more openly about mental health. The video – which starts at 1:50 – shows Lady Gaga sipping her morning coffee in her Hollywood abode as she FaceTimes Prince William, who’s sitting in his study at Kensington Palace.

Lady Gaga FaceTimed Prince William to talk about mental health and you have to watch it

British Royalty and Pop Royalty joined forces today to create a powerful video encouraging people to speak more openly about mental health. The video – which starts at 1:50 – shows Lady Gaga sipping her morning coffee in her Hollywood abode as she FaceTimes Prince William, who’s sitting in his study at Kensington Palace.

You won’t be able to stop looking at the beautiful new Google Earth

Google Earth has been reborn. Google unveiled a completely redesigned Google Earth and it does away with the single worst thing about the previous version of the software. Out now for desktop and Android, it no longer requires a separate download – it’s available directly in Chrome.

People are kissing a car on Facebook Live for a chance to win it, and yes, it’s dark

I’ve waited hours for things before, so I can assure you: Standing around with little sign of a foreseeable end is pure and utter misery. But because humans seem to delight in public s chadenfreude, we now have ways to broadcast that misery. And it’s bleak.

Scientists discover a giant black worm monster in the Philippines

Hidden beneath its tusk-like shell is a jet-black, slippery and slimy sea creature that looks like it came off the set of Alien. Scientists said on Monday that they’ve discovered the first living specimen of a giant shipworm in a Philippine bay.

Theresa May announces general election, Twitter explodes with memes

On Tuesday morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that there will be another general election on 8 June. Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a few things to say about that. The second the news was out, social media was packed with the usual avalanche of jokes, gifs, and memes.

Rihanna shined bright like a diamond in her one of kind Coachella outfit

Rihanna is Coachella fashion. Coachella, the annual music festival held in California, is mostly known as the place to show off your most unusual and trendy outfits. From sequin jackets to lizard skin mini skirts, people both famous and not try to outdo each other with the most over-the-top looks.

Trevor Noah Loves The Giant Eggs That Trump Laid At His Easter Party

Could President Donald Trump have given a more tone-deaf Easter speech to the kids and parents gathered on the White House lawn for the annual egg roll? Trevor Noah doesn’t think so. The “Daily Show” host was aghast after playing a clip of Trump gushing on Monday about being “stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before …

Eric Trump Actually Complained About Mean People On Twitter

Eric Trump must not be too familiar with has father’s Twitter feed. In an interview with Ireland’s Independent newspaper, the son of President Donald Trump blasted people who are mean on Twitter: “No matter what side it is with, you are always going to get backlash.

City Celebrated For Its Street Food Is Demanding Vendors Get Off The Road

Bangkok has won accolades for its tasty street food. But its reputation as the street food destination of choice for many foodies is about to end. City officials announced Tuesday that they’re launching a “clean-up” effort that will see all street food vendors banned from main roads in the Thai capital by the end of the year.

Trump May Not Actually Know Who’s Running North Korea

President Donald Trump has indicated that two of his predecessors, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, were “outplayed” by “this gentleman” in North Korea. In an interview scheduled to air on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, Trump told Ainsley Earhardt: ” They’ve been talking with this gentleman for a long time.

Less Than Half Of Americans Believe Trump Keeps His Promises

In a Gallup poll released on Monday, only 45 percent of adults polled say they believe Trump keeps his promises. That’s down 17 points since early February, when 62 percent of respondents held that position. Since February, perceptions of Trump’s other attributes have also become more negative.

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