Kweli ni Bae wa Nai! Nairobi Women Rep Aspirant Stops Press Conference to Fix Makeup (PHOTOS)

April 6, 2017

If you ever wondered why Nairobi Women Rep aspirant Karen Njeri Nyamu adopted the nickname ‘Bae wa Nai'(Nairobi’s sweetheart), look no further.

Karen Nyamu, a children and women’s lawyer whose slogan is Wakili wa Watoto na Wamama, is one of the many aspirants eyeing the coveted Women Representative seat in Nairobi.

She grabbed headlines a few months ago when she declared her interest in the seat. While her vision for the women and children of Nairobi is admirable, it is her charming and youthful looks that have fuelled her popularity.

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Ms Nyamu, who holds a law degree and a masters degree, recently pulled a ‘bae wa Nai’ move when she stopped a presser to fix her makeup.

According to a local daily, Ms Nyamu stopped a press conference for a couple of minutes to have her face touched up with some makeup and lip gloss to ensure her good looks were up to scratch to address the public.

Photos: Willis Awandu/ Standard

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